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Battle Royale is the least fun I've ever had in Mordhau

Duke 60 165
  • 6
  • 16 Mar '19

Here's my experience trying to play Battle Royale:

Join a server, there is only one other person. Wander around for 10 minutes "waiting for players" and nobody joins. Quit, join a matchmaking game, but this one has already started. See a bunch of people leave, realize they're going to start a new round. Quit, join a matchmaking game, and get to that next game a few seconds too late, it already started.

Join matchmaking a few more times until finally it looks like I've got in before it starts and people are joining. About 5 minutes later, it starts. Run to a chest, pick up a rusty arming sword, turn around to fight some other guy who already has armor, shield, and a short spear, but I kill him anyway. Can't pick up the loot because it got swallowed up by the black circle. Wander a little further in and get annihilated by a guy in full plate and a zweilhander.

Quit, join matchmaking, luck out and get into a game before the timer ran out. Spawn in a field with only one building in sight. Run to it, but someone else beats me to the chest. I got a few punches in but he picked up a quarterstaff and beat me to death with it.

Couple more rounds of matchmaking. Okay, I spawned in, there's a chest and nobody else is going for it. I sprint to it, open it up, and pick up a recurve bow. I turn around and get a dagger thrown right into my face, instant kill.

Another half hour of attempting to get into a game. One server looked like it might get started. Spent 10 minutes waiting on that one. Eventually everyone left. Hold the phone, I joined another and its up to 8 players. Holy shit its starting. Only a couple people joined this one so I got to a few chests before running into anyone. Pole axe equipped, got a kill. Went into a house, got into a tight situation, two more kills, got a halberd now. Game is starting to lag hard. Took an x-bow shot to the chest but managed to win the fight. 4 survivors left. Came up behind two people working together, no helmet, should be an easy kill. Feels like I'm running 10 fps at this point, my swing misses, get pinned, and get killed.

So, TL:DR; I spent a couple hours being frustrated as fuck to play one semi-enjoyable round of Battle Royale. If I had just bought this game on Steam, I would request a refund immediately.

Best solution: Delete Battle Royale. It's a shit game mode and it's very poorly implemented here.

Okay solution: Shelve it until a year after release, when the community is established and you've had time to work on it. A dedicated matchmaking lobby that groups players up BEFORE sending them to a server would be ideal.

Unacceptable Solution: Go to release with Battle Royale as-is. Everyone who tries it will request a refund, I fucking guarantee it.

Played one more round: Couple people spawn near me but there's a chest. It's calling out to me. This is my chest, there are many like it, but this one is mine. BROKEN ARMING SWORD. Get murdered by a guy with a bastard sword, kite shield, and chain armor.

Fuck it, one more round: Spawn near the dungeon. Oh lots of chests. THEY'RE JUST DECORATION. Fuck me.

Conscript 1004 2022
Duchess 806 3550
  • 16 Mar '19

BR is the most fun I've had in this game

1430 2175

The fake chests in the dungeons need to be addressed.

Knight 34 103
  • 17 Mar '19

I had fun with it for around half an hour. The gimmick quickly wore off.

There doesn't feel like much reward for winning, the maps feel too small, there are never enough chests to open so whether you do well early on feels like pure RNG, the instant death wall is a bad idea, bandages are apparently the rarest resource, and it's just too same-y after the first few games.

301 875
  • 17 Mar '19

I didn't have the issues with not getting into games. Once I got in an active server, it was a pretty quick loop of playing till death/win then switching to the new server where everyone else was waiting for game start. I have an SSD so load in game quickly, but I definitely saw some others having issues loading in late.

As for gameplay, I had a lot of fun with it and liked it more than FL, and I hate BR games. I think at the moment the most skilled players will have the most fun. Once the playerbase isn't sweaty tryhards mixed in with others, it should even out somewhat for everyone. It's pretty easy to get to the end game just avoiding fights and scavenging stuff near the end, but the games weren't full earlier.

Are the chests in the dungeon affected by your graphics settings? I could instantly tell after a round or so which were real and which were fake just by the look of them.

Baron 1647 5234
  • 17 Mar '19

It was honestly the most fun I've had in the game so far. I feel like you're taking problems that are unique to you and your situation (not finding any full servers, waiting forever) and a string of bad luck plays, and attributing all that to the gamemode being bad. It isn't. It needs some refining, but that's all (see Rhike's excellent post on the topic)

Mercenary 179 614
  • 17 Mar '19

The biggest problem I have with BR is the randomized spawn points. It is the worst RNG in this gamemode because it can make your situation worse just for joining the game. You can spawn outside of the castle with no chests in sight, the guy next to you has spawned almost on top of a chest. You have to run to a place where you know a chest MIGHT spawn, and by then somebody who spawned much closer could've looted the place, or the other guy has been chasing you and ensures that you don't survive two minutes into the game.

Selecting spawns would be more balanced in general, because better players have more confidence and will hot drop and likely fight other good players hot dropping, thinning out the herd of good players. New players can choose to go outside the castle and loot peacefully to hopefully get enough loot to get them to fend of one or two other new players.

Chests are also kinda weird. A wooden chest as the ability to contain much better loot and more of it then an iron chest. I think an iron chest should have a much better chance to spawn pole arms, armor, ranged weapons (not throwables), and healing items. While wooden chests contain 1h weapons, throwables, other misc items, and peasant weapons. It just doesn't really matter which chest you choose. It's just alluring to open the iron chests first because its shiny.

Progression is also foosed. I can have a quick 8k game win and earn 80 gold, while I have a 4k game that I didn't even place top three in and earn 120 gold just because the match was longer. Playtime is over weighted compared to wins and kills. Me and some other players should be rolling in dough because we win so often. But we actually probably have less gold and exp then some other players that just ran/hid the entire match and lengthened it.

Knight 697 1611
  • 17 Mar '19

BR should be the premier gold farming method for those few who can keep winning #1-3, while Frontline and other gamemodes are a much more consistent stream of revenue imo.

The devs are aware of many of these points and suggestions, but I reiterate just for the sake of stoking imaginations:

  • Spawn selection not unlike CS:GO Royale and Frontline. An overview of a map, and you click where you want to spawn.
  • A much more progressive bottom-to-top loot distribution. Farming tools, ghetto throwables, level 1 armor, and literal shit way more prevalent in the "cold drop" zones. "Hot drop" zones have the seldom mail armor, more frequent bows and sharp throwables, a tad bit more frequent bandages, and up to 5-cost melee weapons like Short Spear, Longsword, etc. Hot drop zones are also way more vulnerable to elements like archery from other zones, have to traverse a treacherous bridge or ladder, etc.
  • A very noticeable flaming arrow shot from afar, landing on a spot. This signals the location of the upcoming loot drop. A trebuchet then shoots a loot crate onto the spot, guaranteeing some sort of mix of plate armor, bandages, ranged weaponry, and 7+ cost weaponry.
  • A naked Hans running around screaming at the top of his lungs while holding a Zweihander/Halberd/super rare BR-only god weapon imported Chinese repeating-crossbow-with-a-bayonet-attached-baby-rattle.
Knight 685 1855
  • 17 Mar '19

One thing that mordhau br does differently than others is how much personal skill matters here. I only played for an hour so far and didn't put much effort in it, but it's to a point that if a third of the server can easily beat you in a duel, there's not much point playing. I'm not saying that for myself but for new players that might get a similar experience to op because regardless of what they loot they cannot win any 1v1.

Perhaps one way to do it would be to force teams of 2 in br not unlike apex that forces teams of 3.

1430 2175

Maybe it's just me, but people were consistently able to get the drop on me and I simply did not hear them. I should look around more, for sure but are foot steps a little too quiet? Crouching should obviously be very quiet still but sprinting should be louder I think.

Knight 337 778
  • 1
  • 17 Mar '19

I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it it was pretty much as expected.

I seen gauntlet say it in game there needs to be less high tier weapons and there needs to be more amour.

Also. There should be a Seymour who spawns once a round in the middle of the map or something for good drops. Or a horse that can’t be mounted that just gallops around carrying good loot that plays must down to get the drops. Something like that.

Knight 941 2569
  • 17 Mar '19

Devs made up this "network problems" that supposedly make it impossible to upload Horde so we are stuck with BR for even longer and appreciate FL more by contrast.

<Black guy putting his finger to his head>
1430 2175

That was a joke right

Knight 941 2569
  • 17 Mar '19

Which part?

The part about Horde being postponed is true.

The part about devs having that planned all along? They WANT you to think it's a joke.

1430 2175


So are we stuck in BR? Can we go back to FL at least? eijbpbivbbhabahsbpi


Duke 60 165
  • 17 Mar '19

Hooray, no horde today.

Played a round of BR. 5 min wait. I spawned up on a ledge in the dungeon. There is a chest down the stairs, but someone else spawned directly on top of it, grabbed a rapier, and kills me in 2 hits because there's no way out that doesn't go past him.

Look, I'm not the greatest at dueling. I'm maybe in the 30% percentile for skill, despite playing since day one. I have no expectations of winning a round of BR. All I can tell you is that it's fucking retarded to spend all that time to start a game where you are absolutely 100% fucked because of where you spawned.

Mercenary 225 567
  • 17 Mar '19

BR is the mode ive enjoyed the most so far

Baron 1551 2087
  • 17 Mar '19

@ÐMontyleGueux said:
. I only played for an hour so far and didn't put much effort in it, but it's to a point that if a third of the server can easily beat you in a duel, there's not much point playing.

What erks me is the devs blatantly stated "we are not balancing Mordhau combat around duels" then they inexplicably add in this mode where dueling is going to be the primary focus.

At the same time, low and behold, nobody thinks FL is up to par now, the team based game they supposedly worked on all year which combat was supposedly tailored towards.

Knight 18 55
  • 17 Mar '19

@Izıl said:
BR is the mode ive enjoyed the most so far

Then you must have quite a monster pc there. I'm playing with an old PC and one of the main problems in BR mode is how the match making starts. With slow hardware PCs (hdd instead of ssd etc..) you end up starting the game with sometime no chance to get to the first chest, cause there is already an oppenent ride next to you with shild, armor and at least one weapon.
Sometime its happening that you spawn in the dead zone, cause map shrinking process already have been started before you've been able to enter the map...

Me, as a bad 1vs1 dual player, I asked two friends to join me --> not possble to join BR mode with a group.
Playing with a group of 2 or 3 friends on the same BR match is quite difficult and depends on LUCK if you find the same match...

Spectating at the moment is buggy as well. You can only spectate on half of the players alive...with the points mentionen abobe, beeing dead when the game starts, you can't even enjoy spectating as your friend is not possble to select.
I found out that when I spectate my dead body on the ground, fly around a bit, then I have other players I can spectate on.

So BR could be a nice mode, but please postpone it to "after release" and focus on the other main modes.

just my 5 cents