The newer hit effect sounds

Mercenary 218 541
  • 16 Mar

I dont remember exactly when the "ding" sound on hitting head / assists and the lowpitched kill sound got implemented, i think around patch #17 or #18. A lot of people like it, which is totally fine, personally it drives me crazy and i'd like an option to turn these extra sounds off.

Would be sweet if devs could take some time to do this as i assume other players aswell dont want to play with alot of extra SFX added to their gameplay cheers <3

Baron 1556 4912
  • 16 Mar

I just want them to replace the high-pitched "squish" sound when you hit something with a sharp weapon. It's like nails on a chalkboard and doesn't have any of that satisfying meatiness to it that the blunt bone-break sound effect does.