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Knight 627 2068
  • 19 Mar '19

Horde mode is fun, but it lacks direction, and can be mindless at times. It reminds me of Team Fortress 2's Mann versus Machine, and could use some inspiration from it. MvM lets you purchase upgrades to your character that make you much stronger than is possible in other modes, taking advantage of the fact balance is not important since you are not fighting other players. In TF2 this means the ability to fire ten rockets in a second or to build several sentries. In Mordhau's case you could make it so 'super' perks can be purchased, doing things like making you sprint twice as fast (which would be invaluable given the size of the map), making you fire several bolts or arrows at once in a single shot (without expending additional ammo), making you swing your weapon much faster, and so on.

It should also be possible to purchase things like revives for teammates or fortifications, such as spikes that automatically get built around the encampment every wave, or ballistae that get manned by friendly bots. The mode could use a tower defense element. Something that gives you a grander purpose than just seeing how long you can last.

A few pertinent issues:

  • It can take a really long time to find the enemies. If enemies are too far away, make them teleport closer. As long as this happens at enough of a distance for the player not to notice, it is desirable.
  • Everything looks brown, which can make it difficult to distinguish between teammates and bots in the midst of battle. Team colours would make more sense here. You could have team colours be forced only on the players, while the bots can be anything, as long as they cannot be mistaken for a teammate. For instance, I have yet to see a single blue enemy, so make blue the colour of the team.
  • The shield enemies are not challenging, they are an obnoxious brick wall that only wastes your time. Rethink them.
  • Players that join a game in progress start with 0 gold. This results in them being underprepared and struggling to survive, while being useless to their teammates. Going back to MvM, players that join a game in progress are given an amount of gold relative to how many waves have passed. The amount is less than one would have earned if they were present from the beginning, but enough to get equipped and contribute.
  • Your actions during a wave should be rewarded with gold. You should at least get a bonus for surviving the wave. You could also get a bonus for killing 20 enemies in a single wave, or not taking any damage.
Knight 1388 3163
  • 19 Mar '19

It's official, horde mode is over, we're never getting it back. They took it away from us, we can't have fun anymore.

The only fun part of mordhau.

Count 3976 8339
  • 19 Mar '19

Mordhau Fortress mode when

Knight 1388 3163
  • 1
  • 20 Mar '19

Please come back to me


Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 21 Mar '19

Finally got my hands on game after the update. Gave me a spook when I spawned naked with old loadouts lmao

Though, I chuckled a lot at Tutorial, pretty good tests there.. HAAAAAAAANNNNNNSSSSSSS

Knight 445 1074
  • 21 Mar '19
 Knight Nicholas

@LuxCandidus said:
I also find it needless for there to be a loadout dedicated to BR/Horde. Here is a better idea - have each player spawn with a randomised appearance, voice, and clothing, as long as the player has unlocked said clothing.

I honestly really like the customization system of BR/Horde- it allows people to have their own unique looks throughout all tiers of their armor. Don't really know anyone who would prefer a randomly-generated character over their own personalized character. Besides, if people spawned with completely randomized armor-clothes based on what they own, people could end up with strange looking autismo loadouts unintentionally.

The only reason I could see people wanting to remove the BR/Horde loadout for being needless is if they really just don't care about it- if so, just leave the loadout default and ignore it.

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i am so hyped for this game

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  • 30 Mar '19
 marox — Project Lead

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