Mordhau probably delayed to late April because of BFV getting BR

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  • 15 Mar '19

What do you guys think?

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  • 15 Mar '19

April 12, im feeling it

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  • 15 Mar '19

a game like this is better spread by word of mouth than streamer coverage, and in the end it will get both types of coverage anyway. dont delay it more please

for EA, BF5 is their most underperforming bf game yet in terms of sales, there is really no competition to mordhau

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  • 15 Mar '19

lmao delaying the game so you can avoid competing with one of the shittiest FPS franchises around

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  • 16 Mar '19

What. Mordhau doesn't have to be delayed because of BFV. It also doesn't have to be late April. April 12 or April 19 are good dates to release Mordhau.

Duke 60 165
  • 16 Mar '19

Delete BR.

It's a fucking cliche, and it only works in games that appeal to a large audience of casual players. Any retard can pick up Fortnite and have it figured out in a couple minutes. People play it on their goddamned phones.

It doesn't work in Mordhau. It takes a fucking hour of joining and rejoining matchmaking to get into a game and then the reward is a mediocre experience that feels half-assed.

Duchess 793 3512
  • 16 Mar '19

What region? I'm playing in under 2 minutes in EU

Baron 1551 2086
  • 17 Mar '19

Don't you think another melee game from the creators of Dark Souls would be bigger competition to MORDHAU than Shittyfield? Just cause they releasing their own version of 'Goldeneye ffa with 1 stock on a big map' don't mean shit to this game.