Private Server EXP/Rank

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  • 15 Mar '19

I have heard a rumour that Rank/Experience on private servers will be reduced compared to the official servers, as a means to combat rank hacking/glitching, Im sure this is just that, a silly rumour. But its 2019 so you dont know these days,

So if it is correct, clarity would be nice. Suggestion would be to not kill off private servers and have equal XP through private servers!!


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  • 15 Mar '19

Well thats silly

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  • 15 Mar '19

saying "thats silly" without exaplining why will not influence the devs in any way.

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  • 15 Mar '19

i would keep the rewards the same for private servers. if a server is used for boosting, having a reduced payout (lets say half) means they will just spend twice the amount of time boosting. it would still not compare to the standard earning rate.

Whether its fair or not, there will always be a small group of sad fucks with infinite time on their hands to boost themselves up. In chivalry, boosters were typically called out and put to shame anyway. the ethos was strong, it will remain strong.

also, the game appears good at tracking certain statistics, why not 'reward' those who have been cheating their numbers, give all their characters a permanent fat ass or something embarrassing like that. make them shit themselves when they die, lots of creative ways

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  • 15 Mar '19

@VampireDuck said:
saying "thats silly" without exaplining why will not influence the devs in any way.

True True, well months ago people were raving there is EXP and ranks involved in this game, like any other game people very much enjoy character progression, I have run hundreds of servers and having servers with No/Half EXP will die off quickly, once people learn you can get much more EXP from other servers they will stop playing on private servers at all,

Effectively killing of private servers before the game is released

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  • 16 Mar '19

I hear you loud and clear and love my community servers too but this is kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't thing.

I think community servers might have their entry point a few months after launch. I wouldn't even bother hosting a server for launch to be honest.

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  • 16 Mar '19

Im not, i have cancelled all mine, i just hope they change this for the future.

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  • 16 Mar '19

The simplest solution is to add a daily gold/xp cap for both private and public to avoid any extreme cases of exploitation. The gold/xp cap would somewhat accumulate for the people who do all of their gaming on the weekends.

Optionally: the daily private server cap would be lower than public servers, because they are more prone to exploitation via automated AFK strategies. This way, people who play on Private servers won't feel like their time is being wasted by getting less gold per hour, but there will still be measures in place to stop extreme gold-farming scenarios.

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  • 16 Mar '19

Yea not sure their reasoning for lowering it, there are 3 methods that were used in Chivalry to boost rank, and this doesn't solve any of em

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  • 17 Mar '19

How about this:

  • Default settings hosting a default map: standard rate.
  • Default settings hosting an unapproved Steam Workshop map: standard rate up to a max cap per minute.
  • Default settings hosting a Steam Workshop map reviewed and approved by a trusted Mordhau contributor: standard rate.
  • Altered settings: standard rate up to a max cap per minute, unless the server is reviewed and approved by a trusted Mordhau contributor (e.g. Moorlanders would get a thumbs up, but a shady stat boosting server stands no chance). You can only earn

The max cap per minute would generally be lower than just pubbing in a matchmaking or normal setting server... unless you're going 5 - 49 KD every Frontline or dead last every BR or something abysmal.

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  • 13 May '19

If there are more server tools available for admins, then you'd have several options.

  • Having the server on 'default' settings, would give you the standard XP/Gold and would deem you as 'official'.
  • Some non-intrusive changes would make it that you're deemed unofficial, but gives you 50% (just saying a percentage) XP/Gold.
  • Changing the server with a lot of settings would deem your server 'unofficial' and would give you no XP/Gold.

Is a bit like most other PvP games do this, and seems fair to me.

But first the Devs need to hand out better private server tools, otherwise there's probably no easy way to check these settings.

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  • 28 Sep '19

yeah then i'm kinda fucked since i tried to explain that they don't work to my 14 year old little brother :D