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Shields = useless

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Stabs are too floaty for accurate shield models now. Even now, with current huge parry size you read a side stab successfully just to get side stabbed anyways since it goes for so long. But I mained heater and targe a year ago and didn't have the issues cavemen claim to have. I saw Bodkin using targe too and he did just great despite my best efforts to get around his shield. He may have been sweating up a storm and what not, trying to keep up but keeping his circle where my attack drags and blocking with it was plenty intuitive. Far more intuitive than trying to block a slow motion, physics defying sword with a few ms of force field parry.

As for Kite back then, it held its own in team play but it was too big too read attacks when turtling in duels and it's "current problems" did not apply since stam was not an issue for it and spam poking a shield was not meta yet. Have you used shield each and every patch for dozens of hours? Kite issues sound more like 3p issues to me and most agree 3p shouldn't even be in the game.

Yeah I know everyone's a pussy about making parry and shield accurate but most level headed shield users agree that getting around shield should be easier, rather than impossible from the front. Make stabs shorter but slightly longer than before this patch, shrink shield parry boxes, give shields stamina buffs to keep up with 2h and remove raise/lower delays.

Patch 14 was the closest shields ever got to balanced and fun to fight and use.