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Organized backer testing March 15th - 17th

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  • 12 Mar '19
 marox — Project Lead

Attention all backers!

NOTE: This is a closed test for Kickstarter backers only. Access to the game is otherwise not possible at the moment, but release is coming soon!

As we approach towards having everything ready for release, we need your help to do some stress testing and identifying any show-stopping issues. Starting on March 15th (Friday) at 5 PM CET (Central European Time), until (including) March 17th (Sunday), we will be running organized tests on the pre-release build, where you'll get a taste of what we've been working on.

This time around, we really need to hit high player counts, so we are going to be limiting the servers to guide the testing phase. We will be doing themed tests each day to focus the population, starting with Friday - Frontline on Camp, Saturday - Battle Royale on Grad, and ending with Sunday - Horde on Taiga. Outside of these dates, the new modes will not be available to play. We are doing this to ensure that all those who wish to try them out show up on the days mentioned, ensuring a high peak. During the testing we will have servers in EU, US, AUS and SA.

After the weekend testing period, we will be rolling back the game to the current test build which will remain up until closer to release. Assuming there are no major issues, we will then proceed with our preparations for release and will announce an exact date shortly after. Good times are coming.

(Sneak peak below of the new armory poses :))


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  • 12 Mar '19
 Jax — Community Manager


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  • 12 Mar '19


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  • 12 Mar '19

Woo! I'll join this whith my wooden pc with low fps that keeps me from playing this! this will be a milestone! When you saaay?

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  • 12 Mar '19

yeeessss :)

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  • 12 Mar '19

YE boi!!

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  • 12 Mar '19


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  • 12 Mar '19

where patchie

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  • 12 Mar '19


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  • 12 Mar '19

Crab rave.

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9 AM PST?!?! ouch.

Sellsword 19 70
  • 12 Mar '19


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  • 12 Mar '19

I can almost smell the fire pots already.

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  • 12 Mar '19

Coming soon to frontline:

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  • 12 Mar '19

@marox said:

Horde on Taiga.


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  • 12 Mar '19

@Lincs said:
Coming soon to frontline:

I like this KeenOnCancer lad