Lore and Faction names

Knight 928 2545
  • 10 Mar '19

Mordhau universe is a medieval-like world where doors and gates are a relatively new technology, possibly gifted by a race of technologically superior aliens. People haven't figured out how to operate these mysterious deivices yet, which results in common occurences like:

  • Trying to go through the door and close it after you, but getting confused and closing them in your face instead.
  • Poking your head to the other side of a closed door through the invisible portal of the door panel
  • Two enemies sensing each other's presence through the door, opening and closing them back and forth or just standing on both sides doing nothing, afraid of angering the door gods
  • Moving your arms in a threatening way while in the vicinity of doors and then getting knocked the fuck out to the ground
  • Slamming the air in the door frame with a hammer to create wood