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Being unable to stab chamber sometimes?

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  • 24 Feb '19

Has this ever occured to you? It usually happens to me whenever I stab drag and they chamber it, but it can happen on any exchange really.

Is this a feature of the "late chamber" - not having an answer to a chamber except for a parry?

Trust me, in some scenarios I am legitimately unable to thrust back. I am mashing the button until I get hit.

I know for a fact some other people have experienced this, but I haven't asked around extensively - hence the usage of this forum.
Do give some insight on this, or perhaps share your own stories.

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  • 25 Feb '19

@Rhike said:

Trust me, in some scenarios I am legitimately unable to thrust back.

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I know exactly what you're referring to and it's exacerbated by my high ping. I see them start their chamber attempt as my drag homes in and I button mash stab just to get insta'd anyways. This is mainly a side effect of my high ping BUT...

Should there even be late chambers in the game?

From my perspective it looks like the stab doesn't really get delayed by contact when chambering. Like whatever position the stab was in when it landed the chamber is now where it is in the thrust. Giving birth to late, sloppy chambers being faster than well timed chambers.

What if chambering reset your animation to a preset point no matter if it was late or perfectly timed? Yes this make successful chambers a bit floatier at their start but it would gimp chamber gambles without making everyday stabs draggier. Note: Im not saying to make successful chambers slower, just making them all "start over" instead of being wherever they were in the animation when the chamber succeeded. Just an idea, maybe devs intentionally wanted late chambers being better but riskier