So I had an idea for an RvB alt

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  • 11 Feb

I apologize in advance for my rambling.
I was thinking of ways to avoid basic RvB fights (because those are super overused)
I have no knowledge of this being a thing or not ‘cause I’m (very) new to this community.

Anywho I came up with an idea for a gamemode where the game (by some method involving math and RNG) selects a captain/lord/leader (idk could be any high ranking person)
The team color is selected based on the choice of said leader before each game. The game would only allow a color to be selected in a first come first serve manner. This of course would mean that both teams would have different colors every time.
Obviously that is just the cosmetic purpose for the leader. The leader kind of works as a living flag, if they die the enemy team wins (or at least gets a buff idk) The leader would be able to view a map and communicate with team members (maybe even place waypoints or some equivalent with commands like “attack here” or “defend here” idk) The leader can fight for themself and join in the battle but it’s more wise to stay holed up in their respective fortresses.

(Which is a good time to bring up map layouts)
The maps could be 2 opposing fortresses of similar caliber or 1 keep style fortress and 1 quickly made looking siege base.
If the second option is chosen both forts would have equal defensive capability but have different layouts and appearances.

Well whatever y’all think it’s just a random idea I had while watching TV and frankly it’s kinda half-baked in nature so...

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so to summarise:

large scale team deathmatch on a map with 2 parallel fortresses, a lord is selected for each team. the lord decides on the teams colour and is also able to view some kind of spectators overview of the map and select parts of the map for sending tactical instructions to the team, in a realtime total war type of mode. but the lord can also choose to leave his castle and fight if he so wishes - perhaps when his team is running out of units.

this sounds kinda epic, and doable to some extent

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  • 12 Feb

Sounds like Natural Selection 2 (the game). I loved that game's concept but it died pretty quick for some reason.