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Void has done Stouty a HUGE favour by closing this topic exposing him as the sad nub he actually is.

But I have so much more to say on the topic, and i'm sire the community does too. So let's all bully Stouty (and not me this time) for being bad.

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I'll get the ball rolling here.

I feel obliged to say a few words on this, because I appear to suck a lot of balls, but also because fuck you Stouty idc if nobody asked for my input.
I always tryhard and care so much about the most cheesy tactics and weapons. I love the game and I'm having fun by just playing with me. However I always try to improve and a good way imo is to play against the worst players I can find.
Stouty is an amazingly gay player and I always enjoy dueling him even though most of
the times I end up dead.
However, allow me to vindicate myself through some elaborate rationalizations.
On this match I had a ping of 60-70, so maybe I was in a slight disadvantage against Stouty who had a ping around 20. I don't know what he uses but I have a 60 hz monitor. The weapon I was using (baxe) is not my main weapon and I don't know how to use it effectively. In fact I rarely use it, but you know, sometimes you just want to try new things and have fun. I main gs and zwei btw.
Fighting against a good longswordman is hard with this ping difference. Lots of instas and insiders. Some attacks were so instant that I didn't have time to react, not even with the parry button pressed down.
Would the outcome be different if I used a loadout that I feel comfortable with and tried a bit more? Most probably not, but maybe I could get some kills. I know this because I can kill him sometimes. Anyway, I hope I wasn't too boring as an opponent.
I don't remember which guys were on the server but I don't think that a very good player was present. Viktorianas is ok but he was memeing as a peasant and the guy with the red outfit was playing for the first time (first day actually).
I'm not saying all this to undermine Stouty. As I said, he is a hot gay player, and out of my league. I admire his skill and I also like him as a person. Like.. like like.
Now, I feel kind of bad for what I'm going to say next and I wasn't sure if I wanted to say it.
Stouty, in the video description you said that you went 150-0 and that you kept a "clean sheet". This is almost true and I say "almost" because each time you died you were leaving the server and immediately rejoined to erase your deaths from the scoreboard. I found it weird then, but when I saw the video you uploaded I understood why you did it. The kill streak had to be perfect for the video. I don't want to give the wrong impression here. This only happened a few times, as far as I remember.
But that is just a small flaw imho. Don't take what I said the wrong way. Keep being great. I'm looking forward to more good fights with you.

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he look lesbian hah

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Play against the worst players but we haven't fought

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This was just a misunderstanding and it's over. This thread is unnecessary.

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This topic has been closed.