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Gold armor for alpha players?

Duchess 6896 9886
  • 9 Feb '19
 Sir Zombie

@EruTheTeapot said:
How about a golden dick ?
You guys amaze me tons of threads about how "YoU gOt WhAt U paID 4 ?!*11" and yet there are still more of the same.

You got KS rewards, you get supposedly in-game titles and shit. What more do you want ?


Knight 766 3329
  • 9 Feb '19

We've already received the ultimate reward: being able to play 515 days (and counting) earlier than everyone else.

1430 2176

Can we shift the conversation back to Gold tinted armor..? We already have solid gold mauls and maces. I regret the title but lets be real. The devs are going to be pushing more content after release and maybe rewards for BR and other bullshit... I would say more armor tints will eventually be on the table.

Knight 237 1157
  • 10 Feb '19

at the very least, gold/brass joint armor would be nice to have, like on the couters and poleyns and possibly visor


Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 10 Feb '19