How to 'Git Gud' Soon™ - a Mordhau Guide

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  • 31 Jan

Greetings Mordhau community,

Ever wanted to learn the dark arts of Mordhau? Search no further....I take it you've become tired of getting abused by players with 1000's of hours in this genre. You may be confused, frustrated, unsure how to get better...perhaps all of the above.

I have toiled many months compiling information gleaned by the Alpha's.
Luckily for you, I have compiled the last 5 years of my melee experience into one guide - full of information from both a practical and competitive persepective - in order to help you get a sense of direction to 'git gud'.
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I bestow a gift upon the community.



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Shut up Chaq you rancid foaming at the mouth creature

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  • 31 Jan

Oh wow, a professional gambler is going to teach people how to be good at the game

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  • 31 Jan

Very nice guide man. Hopefully the salty boys here will read it and learn a thing or two. 😂

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  • 31 Jan
 Jax — Community Manager


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  • 31 Jan

Jax told me in DMs to tell you that you smell and that you're bad until you credit me for that jousting image.

Otherwise, good work!

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  • 31 Jan

This is amazing man

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  • 28 Mar

Really good. Thank you for this, i've learned alot.

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  • 30 Mar

Well done Hadeus. I am Ser Arthur Dayne from Killers in Lethal Alliance (I have to specify now because ever since the show came out, that name is all over the place now), from the old AoC days and then Chiv. Ran into Vq often, and love that you all are still around.

I got to admit that one of my biggest disappointments with the Chivalry community is how elitist it came to be. Lots of toxicity in the community, even in the clans I participated in which is why I probably remained clanless in the later days. Its good to see community's here making strides to prepare and help new players with the learning curve. I'm definitely rusty from my Gold Helm Chivalry days where I invested well over 1000 hours, but I'm hoping that Mordhau comes to be a familiar experience. I'm definitely excited to run into all the old Chivalry faces and wish you and Vq all the best! The guide was great by the way!