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Mordhau "coming soon" Steam store page is now live!

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  • 30 Jan '19
 marox — Project Lead

Mordhau's store page is now listed on Steam!
We've been hard at work wrapping things up for release the past several months, fixing any outstanding bugs and adding the necessary polish and content where needed. This work will continue leading up to release in Q2 2019, which we estimate we will hit somewhere in April (early if all goes to plan). A glance over the Steam page should give you a hint of what to expect on release, but I will elaborate a little more here. We'll be releasing with 3 new modes that we expect to be the main attraction.

Frontline: a flag-capturing conquest-like mode played on large maps with horses, siege engines and chaos all-around. Goal is to capture the enemy's flags in linear order while defending your own, and culminates with an objective to complete in the enemy's base.

Battle Royale: start out with fists on one of our maps, haunted by a circle constantly creeping ever closer. Find loot & armor in chests (or on other players) to deck yourself out and manage your health with scavenged bandages instead of regeneration.

Horde: coop mode to play with friends against waves of AI, where you can purchase equipment & armor in your base obtained from clearing out the more and more difficult waves.

And of course, all the modes we have so far: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & the round-based single-life Skirmish mode. We've been working on polishing plenty of stuff such as the AI, the UI, adding unlocks and achievements, tracking skill based on kills/deaths to be able to put players into appropriate servers, improving performance, etc. We also now have a fun tutorial for new players that they can play through to familiarize themselves with the game. Throughout all this time work continued on map work, which led to various reworks and expansions of current maps like Grad and Camp and the introduction of Taiga. We have some maps still in the pipeline and close to completion, but we won't hold the release back if those are not finished, meaning they might come shortly after release.

Finally, there's some things that didn't make it for various reasons and we decided are not worth holding back a release for. Among the Kickstarter stretch goals that won't make it on release are ranked competitive 1v1 matchmaking and the SDK. We will focus on these post-launch. Another feature that won't be there are female characters, as we simply didn't have time to do these justice, so we will be looking at the introduction of the gender option after release.

There's also some Kickstarter rewards we need to wrap up, and we will be sorting these out before release as we go.

We'll be keeping in touch!

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I am so happy for this, been a pleasure playing with everyone so far, I can't wait for release!!!

Duke 754 1201
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  • 30 Jan '19

Here we go boys!
Now lets see how fast mordhau goes to top selling on Steam

Awesome gamemodes! Great work! I fucking love you guys!

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  • 30 Jan '19
 Dodger .

Actually overjoyed.

Sellsword 1 8
  • 30 Jan '19

So happy to see quality games getting released in what a lot of people would describe at least as "trying times" for the gaming industry.
Love y'all bois' work <3

Baron 1 1
  • 30 Jan '19


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  • 30 Jan '19



Knight 292 904
  • 30 Jan '19

But this is all just appealing to the male fantasy. Disgusting !

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  • 30 Jan '19

Woooaaaw so much hyyype!
Maybe this question was asked before, but are you planning on letting us preorder the game?

Conscript 11 15
  • 30 Jan '19

Thanks!!!!! Looking forward the horde mode, reminds me of Full Invasion mod from mount & blade :)

Knight 685 1855
  • 30 Jan '19

Sounds great! Don't forget to notify your friends and let them know they can add mordhau in their wishlist now.

Knight 101 371
  • 30 Jan '19

now this is gaming

Duke 986 1381
  • 30 Jan '19

We are almost there boys FINISH STRONG TRITERNION! 👍👍

Knight 50 163
  • 30 Jan '19


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  • 30 Jan '19
 marox — Project Lead

@Baron said:
Woooaaaw so much hyyype!
Maybe this question was asked before, but are you planning on letting us preorder the game?

We tried to originally, but Valve wouldn't let us do pre-orders because they only do those with developers that successfully released a product on Steam and have some form of relationship with Valve in that sense. So we'll just have to do it the old fashioned way.

Knight 1837 2232
  • 30 Jan '19

This is amazing guys!
Can't wait for release and all the goodies you have in store for us.

Knight 260 706

It's nice to see some sort of development update. I would encourage the team to do this more often as we come closer to release. @Marox when can we expect to test out Frontline, Horde, and Battle Royal mode. Will it be coming soon or will it remain to internal testing for the duration until the official release on steam? When I saw the email I was really excited to try these new features as usually Kickstarter notifications at least for Mordau usually meant a new game update. To my disillusionment, this was not the case. I would like to see these updates roll out to the public for the community instead of remaining behind closed doors for a prolonged period of time.

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  • 30 Jan '19


Tutorial and horde mode on release, very good move tbh

Knight 2308 4188
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  • 30 Jan '19

no it never comes out :)

jk it does

Knight 766 3329
  • 30 Jan '19

I'm glad to see you're putting certain things on the backburner before release, that gives me faith that your sole focus is trying to make the game's first impressions as amazing as possible when release comes. I think you should create a post-release roadmap to show that you intend to keep working on Mordhau for years to come, and that releasing now was only so you could get more funding to do so. I think people deserve to know this game isn't just a quick cashgrab and is truly a passion-project for the developers.