All Loadouts Deleted

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  • 11 Jan

Yesterday I was customizing one of my loadouts (I had about 30) and the game suddenly crashed on me. I didn't think much about it as it was late and was about to get off anyways. Today, it seems all my loadouts have been wiped so there goes about 100 hours of my time. If anyone knows how to recover the loadouts, please let me know.


  • Was in a local bot game customizing my loadout when I crashed
  • Tried restarting pc as well as steam
  • I run Mordhau on a high end pc
  • Never experienced crashing before besides tabbing out when loading into a server
  • I was not on my pc between yesterday and today meaning I didn't tamper with any files
  • All my settings and binds were saved
  • My loadouts were replaced with the defaults as seen below
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I don't really see how the config file your loadout were stored on could have been erased...

It seems unlikely, but the only possible explanation I have is that the steam cloud had only the default loadout stored and after the crash it replaced your local files with what was in the cloud. If that's what happened you might be out of luck.

You can use this tool to backup your loadouts if you're afraid of losing them again.

Baron 201 453
  • 12 Jan

Thanks for that, hopefully it's an error on my end and won't be an issue for the game's release.

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Maybe it's karma coming back at you for your past time spent here as Reborn Cheff in these forums, you know, being a jerk and all.