Proximity Voice Chat

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Please give us proximity voice chat. It would make in-game communication so much easier and the voice commands simply aren't enough to convey any useful information. Proximity voice would allow teams to coordinate their attacks more easily and communicate with each other mid-battle.

  • "But people are going to be just oh so toxic!"
  • "But it would ruin the immersion"
  • "But having to constantly mute some kid blaring a meme airhorn based ear rape cover of an EDM europop chart topper that he thinks is 'dank' would be a minor form of torture."

There can be little mute icons next to player names in the [tab] menu allowing players to quickly mute anyone they don't want to hear. Additionally, admins should be able to mute players. Also, voice chat could just be disabled though options via a volume slider or button. If you want muting someone to be more satisfying, players who are killed should not be able to speak.

  • "But you can just use Discord for voice chat"

You should be able to communicate to strangers and others who aren't in a Discord sever with you.

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@ÐMontyleGueux said:
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Thanks, but that's where I got my points from and found the complaints people had. I made this post to condense the concerns people had and refute them. I'd rather not leave a reply on some dead thread that will never be read and so I brought my points here instead. 🎵

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Honestly proximity chat would be awesome. I'd love to scream "I fuck your mother baby man" to everyone I kill.

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  • 12 Jan

If you think proximity chat is a bad idea, then you haven't contemplated the amazing clips we will get of rob_owner doing rob_owner things to people while killing them

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u can just turn it off if you don't like it

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  • 13 Jan

I don't think proximity voice chat should be a thing in Frontline 32 vs 32. That's way too many players to mute. However, it could work well in competitive 2 v 2/ 3 v 3 matchmaking. For 5 v 5 scrims in private servers, it's not necessary because people in the same clan usually just use Discird/teamspeak. However, for random
ranked matchmaking, it could be a nice addition.

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  • 14 Jan

just make proximity voice chat an extremely obscure bug that only boner is autistic enough to find

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  • 14 Jan
 Snake Skin

Plz dont.

There was a reason it was removed from Chivalry.
Not to mention it wouldnt mesh well with the voice commands, would be really off.

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  • 14 Jan

Just disable it for pubs by default but leave it in for competitive and eventually modded game modes.
No VOIP = no creative custom gamemodes tbh

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  • 14 Jan

I don't even want to entertain the idea of VOIP in Mordhau

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  • 14 Jan

Proximity VOIP would objectively help coordinating with people in random games, when on your team. Being able to call out things for them on the fly during a fight would add to game play, so from that perspective it's a great idea and one I support.

But to a lot of people, game play features and quality take a back seat to their own sensibilities.

Since there will inevitably be trolls who abuse proximity VOIP, and since a lot of people seem unwilling to simply mute these rare players who cause a problem, this apparently is a good enough reason to many to not have a feature in the game that objectively would make the game play run more smoothly - especially as a team experience.

Which is the argument made against VOIP in practically any team game, yet games that are well made include in-game VOIP regardless because it always helps with coordination. A game like the Red Orchestra series (or Rising Storm by extension) has in-game VOIP, including often proximity chat, because it adds to the experience and makes coordinating with your team simpler.

The fact that some people on it can be annoying (which is always a minority) doesn't make it worth not having the feature in the game, and since it's generally trivial to just mute the offenders if you need to in any game having in-game VOIP, there's no downside other than occasionally having to go through the horror of someone being annoying on the internet.

It's frustrating to me that so many people playing online video games find the very idea of voice chat so offensive and scary that the idea of implementing it in pretty much any game is seen as a travesty. It is a good feature to have in the game when it allows for proper communication, lets people interact socially to a point as well if they want to (I've had tons of fun moments over VOIP with strangers in games that have proximity VOIP), and has the sole downside of being rarely abused. Yet this downside is so easily negated by simply muting those who abuse the system that it seems 100% nonsensical to not include the feature.

Is there a legitimate argument anyone can make against having proximity voice chat, or even voice chat in general, integrated into games like this? The argument "use Discord/Teamspeak" doesn't work when playing with random people on a large scale, by the way, so please don't bother with that one. You can't just invite whatever random 64 players happen to be in a server for a game onto your private voice chat server and separate things properly every time you want to be able to decently communicate with the average person playing. Both because few people would want to go to the trouble (meaning voice is them worthless for communication with most people), and because it's too much trouble in the first place to expect of anyone.

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If its only all chat proximity, I'm completely down. There should be no VOIP for each team that is private and not proximity. Also adding voice filters on top of people wearing helmets would make it more immersive and cool.

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I have amazing memories thanks to proximity chat in Halo 3

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  • 14 Jan

Leave it for pubs, especially the frontline mode. It isn't toxic at all and its fun as fuck in Rising Storm 2. Just give a option to "mute all" and its 10/10 for those who don't want it.

There is 0 solid reason to not add it tbh. Its easier to be a toxic cunt with the building, firepot and team damage than it is to use proximity voice.

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  • 15 Jan

Considering the current obnoxious voice spam, it might even be beneficial. The people currently spamming voice commands, which you can't mute, might move to spamming VOIP, which you can.

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  • 16 Jan

I love prox chat in games and I think it would be a good thing for this type of game, especially in Frontline.. There is of course ways it can be abused, but the nature of proximity chat limits that abuse to an acceptable level in my opinion.

Lets first address some of the common complaints with this system:

Players will just yell and spam into the mic: How big the the proximity chat radius is and the lowered volume of player voices as they move further away from you means that you're only ever going to have a handful of players that you could even hear in the first place, and with the ability to mute, this really isn't that big of an issue.. Games like insurgency that already use voip just don't have this problem too often because it isn't as bad as people might make it out to be.

Why would I use voip, and let the enemy know my position? I would like to make the assumption now that enemy players will NOT be able to hear your voip chat - this is because, while cool, it will greatly discourage the use of voip in the first place causing players to stick with discord and only talk to their buddies for fear of the enemy hearing you. Games like insurgency and squad already do this, it just makes the most sense from a gameplay standpoint.

We already have voice commands, voip isn't needed/wont fit into the atmosphere: There are plenty of games that have both voip and voice commands, and they compliment eachother nicely. Take Team Fortress 2 for example: there is a team-wide voip system in use, as well as a decent voice commands system and it is very common to find people making use of both of those systems.. They don't hurt one another; in fact they simply give players more options with how to communicate.

I don't want to use it, I don't want to have to mute everyone every game: This is a design hurdle that is very easily addressed.. Make it easy to mute players individually and make a "mute all voip" button in the options menu.

With those out of the way, lets discuss the positives this will bring to the game:

Coordination with pubs/randoms will greatly increase: Let me paint a picture: Your in one of the spires on grad, and you know there is an enemy hiding on the roof. An archer walks through the door and you want to warn him before he goes up - with a proximity chat feature, you would say "watch out, there's a guy up those stairs!" without bothering every one of the 31 other players on your team with irrelevant info.. The archer now knows not to run up there and get himself killed, and if your lucky, he might actually respond, and now you two are having an impromptu tactical discussion as to how you are going to handle this enemy upstairs.

Even just something as simple as "don't go down that hallway, there's two archers camping it!" is super helpful, and hard to communicate using just voice commands and really, it's just fucking cool to coordinate with people like that.

prox chat makes boring parts less boring: In Squad when you're driving to the battle, players are usually talking, joking and having a good time instead of just sitting in silence. In Mordhau, you might spend a significant amount of time simply running to the objective.. Being able to talk game or just shoot the shit with people on the way over would definitely help.

I urge you all to look past the slight possibility that someone will call you a name as they kill you and see the benefits a VOIP system could provide.

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  • 16 Jan

@ÐMontyleGueux said:
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"Use the search function! Dont make new threads!"

"Dont necro dead threads! Its a dick move!"


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nobody's denying the fact that ÐMontyleGueux took a big wet shit on this thread by posting that, however OP could have done a better job by referencing previous threads or something so it doesn't feel like yet another proximity voip thread

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  • 17 Jan

Has there been any recent statements about voip from the devs?