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  • 31 Dec '18

Hi everyone,

I have a question. I'd like to keep my online activities private and secure as well as to prevent ISP throttling.
One of the solutions (not sure if it's the best) that I found out through google was VPN.
I'm interested in following features:

  • an easy-to-use app (since I am not a tech-savvy)
  • fast
  • P2P permitted
  • no logs policy
  • good server speeds
  • affordable
  • port forwarding
  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection
  • military-grade OpenVPN encryption
  • a killswitch
  • games friendly

Considering these the most recommended are NordVPN, PrivateVPN, VPNArea, Private Internet Access, IPVanish.

Since I'm new in this, I need an advice. What would you recommend?

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  • 31 Dec '18

Pretty much any of the major VPNs will do, but just keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for. A more expensive VPN generally means fast speeds and better servers. Private Internet Access is probably the best overall for the price and speed, but if you want something a bit faster and you're willing to pay a lot more then you may consider IPVanish or ExpressVPN instead.

All VPNs are easy to use (it's not a complicated process). Any paid VPN (as opposed to a free one) will be relatively fast assuming their servers aren't being overused (ideally the company will buy more servers as they get new customers). Most major VPNs will have AES 256-bit encryption, kill-switches, and good privacy / no-logging policies.

TL;DR I recommend one of these, whichever best suits your budget:

  • Private Internet Access = $40/year
  • IPvanish = $80/year and is somewhat faster than PIA
  • 1 Jan '19
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  • 1 Jan '19

@Moses said:
i dont even use VPNs because if any one is gonna breaach my network they finna catch these LIGHTNING FAST M16 HANDS.

out of all of your shitposts so far, this one is the most based.

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  • 1 Jan '19

You've partially answered your question. I believe your use of VPN will define what VPN you should go for. In terms of browsing and streaming, my experience has been really good with Ivacy and Express. In terms of unblocking, you can use pretty much any VPN because literally, any VPN would do the trick here. getting a paid one here only means you're paying for more, or exclusive servers, depending upon how you're looking at it. about no logs policy, a lot of VPNs say that, but it's better to check out their policy or legal page before you commit and also talk to their customer support before you get something.

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  • 1 Jan '19

Don't fall for the NordVPN meme, they've been shilling it so hard I've got a bad feeling about it.
I personally can recommend AirVPN, it's the best I've ever had, however, it isn't exactly newbie friendly. They have a windows program for ease of use but on mobile etc. you'll need to fiddle with OpenVPN yourself.

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  • 1 Jan '19

Well I do like that NordVPN is shilling itself so hard because it's helping people become more aware of VPNs in general. There's probably nothing wrong with Nord, it'll probably just be slightly higher price than competitors without offering anything better in terms of speed or service.

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  • 3 Jan '19

Haven't used it for gaming though.

  • 22 Mar '19
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