A few questions for Mordhau Community fanbase

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  • 20 Dec '18

On the Forums or Discord.

Who is the best user on the forums and or Discord?

Who is the best moderator?

And Who is the best Mordhau dev on the dev Team?

A few friends I know want to know

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  • 20 Dec '18

Best forum user: Ulkenstride
because he always likes my post.

Best moderator: Monsteri
because I like his accent and he can often match Izil in gamble warfare.

Best Dev: Maxilator
cuz toxic pub archer.

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  • 20 Dec '18

Best forum user: Humble Staff
I'd put someone else here, but all of the "better" users are no longer around. Humble is really nice so he gets the spot.

Best moderator: SmokingBobs
Is he even still around? I never see him so i'm putting him as the best one.

Best dev: literally anyone other than Crush

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  • 20 Dec '18

Humble staff, love that boy he's a pure man with a long shaft

Gauntlet, isn't an asshole, actively moderates, cool boy.

Not crushed. Probably Elwebb because he's a good sport and can take the memes.

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  • 20 Dec '18

Smeelio, but he is dead.
So probably Humble Staff

monsteri bärgels :----D

Max because he makes the fashion happen

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  • 20 Dec '18

I was gonna vote for Smeelio too, the legend, the man, the ultimate dude.

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  • 20 Dec '18

Best forum dude is my boy Dankest!!!

There are no good mods fuck em
Oh maybe Neo could count as a mod? Then Neo!

Best dev definitely Marox much love

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Baron 2355 3371
  • 22 Dec '18

Fuck I forgot about Smeelio. What a rad mad lad, A tad sad he turned bad to pad his nads.

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  • 22 Dec '18
 Humble Staff

Althought i can point out people i don't like i can't pick favorites, tbh most of the current regulars are funny, good hearted and good intentioned people, some may have a rough edge but that's about it, i love them all. Same with the devs and mods althought i have my reservations about Crushed as a moderator.

As always, i feel honored and humbled that the people i value here have me high up there, especially since in the last year with all the moderation shit i have been slowly developing a rough edge myself. Thanks to all of you, especially to those of you that sticked their head out for me and others when shit went bad
You are high up there too for me.

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  • 22 Dec '18


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  • 23 Dec '18

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  • 23 Dec '18

Who is the best user on the forums and or Discord?


Who is the best moderator?

Don't care

And Who is the best Mordhau dev on the dev Team?

I love all of them equally

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Best forum user: Rattsknecht cuz they make the coolio art stuff

Best discord user: Kiwi & ralsei because they make are super cute when talking to eachother (or renaissance on discord for his armor and weapon posts)

Monsteri probably most active mod on discord and waffles around with us but lets us know not to go too far

Dev question hard, whoever makes all the funny ass gifs in the mordhau emails

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  • 25 Dec '18

@ohshitsorry said:

Ribbit Ribbit.

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  • 29 Dec '18

best for umuser: gtrdsgfhjjhghgfdfhvksdtg
best modrator: monster


King 2323 3208

Is that rush Limbaugh?

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  • 29 Dec '18

Frise is a content creator and participates in all important mechanical discussions with valuable input. Plus he often likes my posts.
For none of the above reasons I pick analgrinder as the best forum user. Anal is the most consistent forum member of any forum i've ever seen.

Monstri seems to be on the ball with moderation...

Marox is the chosen one.

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  • 29 Dec '18

surviibrother was the best, but fuck survii