VALHALL Potential Successor to Chivalry?

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Here's a recent video update on the game, they're showing a lot more combat footage here, and we can see the combat is still very much in development. But it really is looking a lot like Chivalry, you can see them reaching around shields and blocks, attack switching and feinting. And you can see the attack tracers and weapon manipulation. It looks like Chivalry but with more dynamic attacks, they have really tight hitboxes as well as mentioned by the dev in the video. This game is really starting to look like it has potential in my opinion. I also appreciate how they're not trying to be overly realistic, but are primarily aiming for a good high skill combat system. I've also talked to the devs and they certainly are making it their goal for their combat system to be as high skilled as possible. Specifically to the point where one player if skilled enough can take on many players on his own.

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The fantasy story behind it also looks interesting. I like the art.

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  • 2 Dec '18

why does the guy narrating this sound like he's reading a script that got put through google translate

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  • 2 Dec '18

Looks alright. The graphics is not good. More importantly, they are not actually showing the combat. For example, in Mordhau Dev blog, the video was long and the combat was shown in details and I knew the basis of it right away. This just looks shady. I absolutely love the map design and it's nice to see a medieval battle royale but without good combat, I am not in.

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  • 2 Dec '18

So everyone can dodge and perform vanguard charges ? CANCER ALERT

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  • 2 Dec '18

thanks just refunded mordhau and backed VALHALL

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interesting goes back to playing mordhau

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  • 3 Dec '18
 Humble Staff

My problem with viking era confined games (if they are at least midly historically accurate) is the gear limit. You'll see one handed swords, spears, axes, daggers and bows, maybe short swords and that's it. Same with armor, gambeson, probably leather (fuck this shit), and mail with some plate helmets. I want all the goodies of the medieval period man, if the game is confined in a specific time frame, i often prefer later periods so i can have a lot of choice.
Also they are not showing the combat yet. Having Mordhau and Chivalry around makes good combat a MUST in medieval action games, especially in one focused solely or almost solely on fighting.

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  • 5 Dec '18

Mordhau will have Battle Royale, so as far as I'm concerned VALHALL can suck Marox's dick and pay him after.