Build #20 Discussion Thread

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  • 23 Nov
 marox — Project Lead

Discuss Build #20 changes here!

881 6122
  • 23 Nov
 marox — Project Lead

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  • 23 Nov
 Sir Zombie

Bloody love blunt gore

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  • 23 Nov

We can now has Jedi Knight swing directions!

<3 marox

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Such a shame that we can't use halberd with 3/3/0 anymore if I understood the patchnotes correctly. No more menacingly looking knights with a giant axe of death. It's a real shame honestly, since It all looked so awesome combined. I wonder, what's the reason behind this change? Was halberd over-performing or what?

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  • 23 Nov

looks like I'm gonna have to fix my longbow loadout again :V

Sellsword 4664 5760

@Sir Zombie said:
Bloody love blunt gore

This, also the changes to eveningstar or the combat in general made the weapon feel much nimble, which is awesome (idk if it's just feeling or actual speed which could be op).
Btw the staff is not breaking any limbs, i get it if you make it so it breaks people less often but when i start to smash corpses with it nothing happens. fix pls.

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  • 23 Nov

Why aren't stabs getting longer releases now that stab delays aren't a thing? If the releases were reasonable, it would be easier to reach around people's back to sidestab.

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  • 24 Nov

Attacks still hit before weapon touches you.

Hits still feel disconnected when they land on you, especially the ones at close to maximum range.

Parry return to idle animation is still garbage and infuriating, some people by now pretty much made the fake riposte the base of their playstyle from what I've seen.

Chamber morph still can be succesfully gambled by stab (happened LS regular vs LS Mordhau and no, it wasn't even a drag).

Short Sword or Qstaff I still have no idea what I'm supposed to do when fighting them except try to hard read (ie. guess) everything and riposte every time I get lucky with a parry.

Halberd anims still look like a slideshow when someone get close and does all the regular feinty-morphy stuff.

Now I get a clash when trying to punish Rapier/BS feint bots instead of getting hit, so this is an upgrade I guess?

Run away whack-a-mole game after someone falls for a feint is as strong as ever.

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The huntsman boost is a little bit too much imo.

Duchess 590 2361
  • 3 Dec

It's too easy to run to your opponent's side and tilt your lmb to release on top of your enemy, you can borderline reverse people by doing this

Conscript 112 270
  • 18 Dec

Hopefully new players won't get chivalry reverse PTSD from that.