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Mordhau Development Updates

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  • 16 Nov '18

@Maci said:
nice and good

maybe make items not build magically but make people hammer them up
more immersion + more things players can "specialize" on

cause every game needs the obligatory "crafting" mechanic where you can enjoy the thrills of standing still hammering for seconds on end!

Knight 263 646
  • 25 Nov '18

taiga best map

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  • 16 Dec '18

It's killing me not being able to play. DX

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  • 16 Dec '18

Guy above me is super turd.

Conscript 1004 2022
  • 16 Dec '18

Guy above me is extra turd.

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  • 22 Dec '18

So good guys !! Keep it up !! It's a very good work

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i keep checking steam store and your site for several month now.
I have to write a message since i feel this will make you finish the game faster.
Okay, ive done something :)

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I am in marketing. ...
and therefore i can talk trash but make everybody feel like its super awesome:

i checked the numbers twice,
also tripplechecked the longterm user statisfaction score meta value,
plus as sideeffect i noticed a reduction in global warming, if:

you just realease mordhau today.

lets do it!

Knight 2308 4188
  • 23 Dec '18

This guy is a professional, @Jax tell the boys to listen to him

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  • 25 Dec '18
 Jax — Community Manager

hmm I will ask myself to consider thanks @Runagate

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  • 26 Dec '18

Sooo, whats up with the developings m'dudes ?
Break this silence up pl0x, tenk

Duke 5562 13285
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  • 26 Dec '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Not too much to show off atm. Just a ton of backend stuff and work on maps, tutorial code etc. Nothing yet that's ready to be shown, most of the stuff in development isn't exactly "sexy" right now.

for example:


just some general tweaking stuff you probably won't even notice

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  • 28 Dec '18

Where can I get a key???

Knight 2308 4188
  • 28 Dec '18

You can't

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ok guys,
i have revisited the simulation about a close release.

numbers are alarming.
Every minute passing by, world population will continue to decrease severely cause of people dying in front of steam store not beeing able to get hands on.

this is serious af.
following the calculations mankind wont be strong enough to play mordhau if we wait much longer.
All the potential skill, the knowledge, electricity, even steam itsself will fall apart and vanish completly.

so, you have to get me right,
we have the choice to save mankind (and some nice girls) if release happens asap.

... lets do it! :)

stay strong and carry on guys ,.. already made it so far. we have to survive and be wittnes of humanitys peak: mordhau release day.

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  • 29 Dec '18

what the fuck is this post above me

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