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  • 10 Sep '18

Been looking at buying this game for a while then the keys sold out and I came back thinking they would sell more. Are there anymore keys to give out or is it done for

Knight 936 952
  • 10 Sep '18

You'll have to wait or buy one from another user if you are lucky

Knight 1836 2232
  • 10 Sep '18

Also, sometimes they do some giveaways on discord, but they are rare.

If someone approaches you selling a key, be sure to do some research on him. There are some scammers around.

Knight 766 3329
  • 12 Sep '18

Game will most likely be released before Q1 2019, and I expect there to be an open beta before that.

Duke 5562 13285
  • 13 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

No more keys as of now, we're pushing for a Q1 2019 release date. As Void said, be very careful if you're trying to buy a key since the chances of being scammed are super high - there are very few legitimate keys still out there.

We don't have any plans for an open testing period pre-release but nothing is set in stone on that as of now.

Sellsword 792 2352
  • 14 Sep '18

You may need to wait a little while longer to play the game.

But at least you dodged a bullet by not having to experience the update famine of 2018.

Those were some hard times indeed.

Knight 519 999
  • 15 Sep '18

I'll have you know tomatoes are highly nutritious