Split the "Neck" slot into Neck, Face, and Head slots

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  • 28 Aug '18

So you wanna use that eye bandage, but you're not willing to give up your knight's beautiful gorget? You like the fur coif, but don't want to lose that sexy aventail? Yeah, we've all been there. Now just imagine for a second you could have your cake and eat it too...



Imagine all of the beautiful options we'll have!

Example of Neck Slots (Things that primarily cover the neck, and usually go OVER the head slot)

  • Fur Coif
  • Cloth Coif
  • Footsoldier Gorget

Example of Face Slots (Things that go around the forehead, eyes, nose, etc. and go under both neck and face slots)

  • Eye Bandage
  • Headband (new idea, not actually added yet)
  • Highwayman Mask (new idea, not actually added yet)

Example of Head Slots (Things that primarily cover the head, and usually go UNDER the neck slot)

  • Arming Cap
  • Spiked Aventail
  • Padded Hood

The only potential issue with this are horrible clipping problems when certain cosmetics are added, but you have to realize that 1: we already have horrible clipping issues all over the place (especially for fat characters), and 2: you can already make your character look like an absolute fucking clown and I think that is more distracting than wearing a couple of cosmetics that don't perfectly fit.

also while we're on the topic: please add codpieces, just sayin

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  • 28 Aug '18

codpieces, just

Knight 237 1156
  • 29 Aug '18

would love to see this possible, if they ever add a mail pizan for the neck then i would like to equip that and a chinstrap for my helmet simultaneously


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  • 25 May '19

Bumping this thread because it's still highly relevant and it would add a lot to customization variety.

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  • 25 May '19

Let me add something to this, the supporter edition necklace and the knight necklace or whatever are called should also go into neck. ALso that one neck thing that has your emblem

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  • 26 May '19
 The Bird

I love this. Make it happen, devs!

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  • 26 May '19

You've got my vote, the more customization, the better.

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  • 29 May '19


Knight 766 3316
  • 29 Jun '19

Honestly it's kind of weird that you have to buy the same cosmetic multiple times for a slightly different version. Most notably things like the knight's chain + shoulder pad variants. It should either use a different slot, or have built-in variations.

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  • 29 Jun '19

I second that