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My first Impression of Patch 17 (Un-Biased)

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  • 3 Sep '18

The new patch was mostly very good, but there a a few things that feel bad. First of all the new parry turncap feels like trying to swim in tar, and it feels like it lasts a bit too long after the parry ends. (a parry that doesn't connect.)
Second thing that was a absolute downgrade from previous patch is shields. They are OP now as everyone who has played the new patch knows.
And one more thing i noticed is the performance in this patch is worse than before, even on the small maps that didn't change. The fps is just lower all around and dips more frequently than before.

Knight 1269 3811
  • 3 Sep '18

@Jax said:
the idea was to make the parry good in 1v1 but defeatable

but sidehits are way more useless than in patch 16 now. Not only because of how ridiculously the parry extends forward now, but also because of stab releases being nerfed to the ground even further (why anyway? delay stabs are useless now unless the other guy goes for a super early chamber). As great as this patch was, the combat is now even more one-dimensional.

Duke 5559 13285
  • 3 Sep '18
 Jax — Community Manager

We'll adjust it, most likely - we've talked about reducing the depth of the parry box

Knight 32 43
  • 4 Sep '18

Early chambers are one of the biggest problems with this patch. They feed a gambling/lazy playstyle that is entirely noob friendly. Considering it has a big window, players can spam chambers without really having a huge consequence, due to the potential stam on hit gain (Which gives pretty much all of their stamina lost from the chamber if they hit). As the name describes, "early" chamber, players of course need to start their chamber attempt earlier, which completely negates morphs/feints as players have already started their attack and will hit first/gamble into it. It's a mindless mechanic that players magnet onto if they're lazy.

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  • 5 Sep '18

I agree that the current chamber mechanics have spawned a very gamble-heavy fighting style. People just don't care and spam attacks, if you try to morph or feint you end up taking a hit. Some fights feel a lot more relentless, and not in a good way.

Knight 697 1611
  • 5 Sep '18

When I know I have a severe stamina advantage, I feel like I've already checkmated the enemy because I just go for chamber -> morph/feint-to-parry ripostes. There's basically nothing they can do at this point, even my inefficient defense will still outlast them parrying everything. And I'm talking like 50 stamina remaining vs them having 20 stamina remaining. I suppose you can say I deserve to win the duel for severely outstamming the enemy in the first place. Maybe. It can either take reading like four feints + morphs + chambers, which is difficult. Or it can be forcing two whiff -> FtPs, which can be easy with something like 0/3/2 Zwei vs plate Axe, for instance. Not the rarest or most impossible event in the world. Genuinely not sure if it's balanced in the risk - reward scale. I've always been one to take duels to attrition even against the best players, but feeling like I've checkmated them when they start heavy breathing is odd. I guess it was kind of the same in Chivalry, except now people can dig their graves way faster in yellow bar math game by chambering my stuff twice in a duel and not killing me or hitting to regain stam in time.

Blind stab spam counterchamber gambles can be beaten by an excessively early stab morph accel (morphing before your chamber even connects, and turning 90 degrees). It does feel quite unintuitive and even sillier in larger engagements when your attention and aim is spread.

I don't know what exactly needs changing. Slight nerf to chamber windows, to a sweet spot between patch 16 and 17? Would chambers being even more expensive do it? Or maybe consecutive chambers before stam regen kicks in costing more and more? Or any hits resulting from chambers refunding less stamina (thus keeping hits via feints, normal morphs, drags, and accels refunding the same amount - chamber feints refund same amount as well because the chamber was feinted).

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  • 5 Sep '18

I HATE the sound when you hit/kill a hostile.. the anvil being hit with a hammer sound "CLANK!" is really annoying and takes me out of my immersion. I haven't seen a way to disable this.. am I missing something?