A Psychological Study: 91 Days Without a Patch

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  • 4 Sep '18

wrong thread

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  • 5 Sep '18

@EatAtRedLobster said:
I felt you deserved something special for your work, Niko. Alcohol had been consumed. A sudden impulse became reality.

Many regrets.

I am honored.

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  • 22 May

I just wanna bump this legendary thread so modern forum users can know the origin of the Horde-mode tomatoes and the level 200 Yeet emblem.

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  • 22 May

They will never truly understand, having not experienced the pain

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  • 16 Aug

I would die for patchie

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This was fun to read through. Thanks for necroing.
Someone should start a similar thread now, I'd pay one like per post.

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  • 17 Aug

It's too late. The tomatoes have perished.

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i shall become one no longer shall i be a serious Knight

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  • 23 Aug

Mittsies, what is the state of our patient? Let him breathe a little and tell him I wish him much strength... early september is almost here

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  • 23 Aug

Waking up in the morning:

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patchie came but patchie was a false prophet BEAUTIFUL helmet but spent shinies on Tomato