Head-Tracking is annoying.

Knight 331 454
  • 3 May '18

Game would be much better without it.

  • Has been buggy for a while (head would go into unrealistic positions when looking up or down)
  • Hard to tell who people are looking at, you might think he wants to duel you when his body is facing someone else
  • Doesn't look visually great
  • Gameplay-wise it's harder to tell when someone is prioritising you or hasn't seen you at all
  • When trying to dodge head is facing somewhere else, making it hard to visualise your own body
  • In 64p it doesn't even matter, nor, I think, will it look good.

Head-tracking in main menu is cool though, keep that pls.

Knight 331 454
  • 3 May '18

This would also help for the readability of drags.

Knight 237 1154
  • 3 May '18

if you want to disable head tracking just wear a great bascinet

oh wait

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  • 3 May '18

I feel like headtracking is something that should happen when you're idle, and based on whoever is closest to your reticle. It should almost always be disabled for crouching, that's where it looks goofiest and has gameplay implications when you're trying to duck.
Also the distance to your target needs to be significantly smaller, I shouldn't be staring at people through multiple floors in a castle that I can't physically see.

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I don't know much, but I do know my heart and my heart belongs to edwyn1. Whatever his opinions I cannot help but support them.

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  • 8 Oct

it reminds me of something you'd see in some shitty mid-2000s 3D game