Build #16 Rundown

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  • 1 May
 Jax — Community Manager

Hey! This post is to provide a condensed version of the most important changes, why we did them, and what we're hoping to accomplish in build #16. I'll be focusing mostly on things that affect the core 'meta' of the melee, but I'll also include some other major additions as well.

In addition to general improvements, we wanted to shift the combat back into more of an offense-focused meta while keeping things readable. In #15 the main issue was offense being too limited, but in #14 it was difficult to read certain things, which made certain situations feel like "coin flips" at times. We've tried to fix this by keeping things readable but adding back in some offensive tools, and making others more viable. 1vX mechanics are still undergoing changes, seeing as this is the second update without Active Parry. Riposte trading and parries have seen buffs, and we're still looking at ways to make chambers more viable without feeling cheesy.

With that being said, here are some of the big changes:

  • New map! Mountain Peak has been added, paint that snow red - and horses are enabled for TDM on it.

  • Two new weapons have been added, the Federschwert (practice longsword) and an Executioner's Sword. Enjoy!

  • Kicks in #15 were a little too slow - not necessarily the time it took to actually kick someone, but the overall duration messed with the pacing of fights. In this build, we made the stun duration shorter, but you can get really quick follow-up attacks. Like the patch notes say, this helps in team-fight and 1vX scenarios, and overall makes kicks more viable.

  • In #15, the meta shifted towards offense being less complex due a variety of reasons, and it felt like the tools at your disposal weren't equally viable. In #16 we made feints scarier, re-added a slightly slower and more readable/non-broken looking recovery skip (quicker attacks when hitting an enemy without doing a combo)

  • Riposte trading has been made more effective (33% → 50% damage reduction + can't parry someone riposting once you've hit them) but also has been given some drawbacks to help balance it out. This should help 1vX, and we're still looking into good solutions for making chambers viable in 1vX situations. Not being able to parry someone who you've hit and is riposting you is experimental, we're looking for feedback to see how it feels for everyone.

  • Disarming has more attack lockout, but lets you instantly switch weapons. This should help to prevent fist spam, along with some changes to fist damage and timing. Additionally, smaller weapons like the dagger have quicker draw times.

  • Combos have been slowed down, and now missing more than one attack in a combo makes you drain double stamina. This will help greatly to reduce combo spam in teamfights and generally less flailing and missing weapons.

  • Morph-chambers got a bugfix which should make them feel more consistent and reliable.

  • Failing a parry or getting flinched will now force you to walk, which should help keep people from doing 180° turns and sprinting away from you mid feint or mid-combo, and should help with "committing" to a fight, meaning you have to wait for a bit of a lull if you're trying to run away. This is another experimental mechanic, we're looking for feedback to see how it plays out.

  • Projectile flinch and knockback have been removed. Projectiles are meant to be a means of doing damage more than to annoy people, and to compensate the damage values have been adjusted to reflect this.

  • Parrying two attacks within 500ms will now drain 0 stamina, and are easier in terms of accuracy. This should help in 1vX situations when being attacked by two people at the same time. This works with shields as well.

  • Lighter armor has received a buff in terms of movement speed by roughly half, and jumping doesn't affect damage to legs anymore.

  • Dagger and shortsword have been extended to compensate for a larger bubble, which means that you can actually hit people if they're leaning backwards.

  • We've improved the way the server handles where people are looking - this should help with reading what direction people are facing.

  • Attacks are now slightly sped up or in the future, to help compensate for ping.

  • If you double-click RMB to feint-to-parry, go into your keybindings and remove "feint" and "parry" and assign "feint or parry" to RMB. The option should be near the bottom of the keybinds menu. You can assign a separate key for an automatic FTP using the "parry" keybind.

  • Added low stamina breathing sounds and adjusted the release yell so it's more viable as an audio cue.

  • Ladder combat has been enabled.

  • Changes to horses and couching weapons have been made, less weapons can couch now but they're usually more effective. If you hit a person with a couched weapon and don't kill them, they will ragdoll and get knocked over.

Duke 4929 9878
  • 1 May
 Jax — Community Manager

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Duke 4929 9878
  • 1 May
 Jax — Community Manager

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