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Contraband FPS unstable after the new patch.

Knight 65 192
  • 1
  • 16 Apr '18

I can only play in the edges of the map at a smooth fps. Beforehand it was 60 fps all around.

Knight 766 3329
  • 16 Apr '18
  1. This probably belongs here.

  2. Provide more information (your computer specs, your game settings, whether or not you use fullscreen)

Knight 86 133
  • 16 Apr '18

Same issue.

I have a potato laptop. Couldn’t handle 10 or more players on Camp for example.

But I could scrim on Contraband. Now that’s the worse map I can play on.

Same fps on other maps but dramatic fps loss on contraband with the same setup.

Knight 615 1118
  • 17 Apr '18

@Raegarth said:

I have a potato laptop.

That explains everything