Steam trading cards and Profile backgrounds

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  • 12 Apr '18

After Mordhau being Greenlit on Steam, we have the chance that there will be trading cards/badges/backgrounds/Emoticons, and with a small development team, i would not expect it anytime soon. I think that the community should send in art for a chance of being one of these items if they are unable to create such things.
Any thoughts?

Knight 327 450
  • 13 Apr '18

I want a background with a rare ballerina knight being seen

Knight 154 452
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  • 13 Apr '18

Seems pretty good to me, we could also use something from the mordhau meme vaults.

Duke 5451 12800
  • 13 Apr '18
 Jax — Community Manager


hello yes rare mordhau ActionBoy limited edition

although i'd love some sick backgrounds and achievements etc