Too hard to chamber

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  • 5 Apr '18

@JasonBourne said:
Stop using the word God for being high skilled.

Why tho

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  • 5 Apr '18

@Jax said:
nah you say "you gotta follow your opponent's weapon with your FOV like a retard" and that's exactly what you should be doing. Right side horizontal strike? look right, towards it, while moving back and left.

Oh yes I know that, maybe I explained badly. I mean with overheads, you gotta kinda look a bit down to see when they are going to land on you. The overhead goes out of your fov for a moment before landing on you.

moving away from the weapon causes you to have more time to react and makes the opponent have to track you, which reduces the possibility of very early accels and normal attacks - if their weapon has to "catch" you since you're moving away from it, that means it will be mid to late release or miss.

I was testing this right now, like, I made the bot overhead and then I walked right, in order to cause his attack to hit me later then normal. Turns out that I was missing sometimes. The timing is truly deceptive imho, because what was happening was, the bot doesnt move, only I do right, but since I wasnt starting to move always from the exact same spot, the attack reached me in different timings, so fucking subtle that it is a surprise when it lands.

footwork is like 40% of chambering imho

Footwork can also fuck your chambering atempt tbh. Lets say your opponent goes for a accel and you want to chamber it, out of muscle memory you start strafing him to avoid the attack, this will cause a very subtle timing change that can fuck your chamber atempt. I was unintentionaly subtle dragging myself against the bot even because of it.

Keep in mind that I'm talking here about overheads. I think that overheads has the nastiest accels and delays at the moment imho.

Idk man, I still think the chambering timing is way too strict and this brings absolutely nothing positive to the game as far as I can see. What is the benefit of having chambers being fucked by the smallest timing changes? It only makes things looks inconsistent imho

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  • 5 Apr '18

@JasonBourne said:
Stop using the word God for being high skilled.

I am a melee allah

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  • 5 Apr '18

@McMercy said:

@JasonBourne said:
Stop using the word God for being high skilled.

I am a melee allah

Agreed. And I am definitely the Balder of chivalry

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  • 5 Apr '18

@Jinno said:
If what GIRU does is apparently so braindead and easy why isnt everyone some sort of melee god?

You're not getting the point. Nobody says that it isn't hard to do, but it's effortless in the sense that he is not trying anything other than the same 3 offensive moves. We could remove every single mechanic except for stab feints, and the game would still have a high skill ceiling, it would just be boring and not reward creativity.

How is your ego so fragile that you think I'm calling Giru or anyone else bad? The point is what meta the game rewards, not how good Giru is.

Stop trying to demonstrate your 1337 skills by trying to make every discussion about you or your friend's skill.

When I tryhard, I play exactly the way I'm saying Giru plays; Just feints and footdrags, because it's the only thing that the game currently rewards. It's completely effortless compared to a varied, creative offense. Do you understand what the discussion is about now?

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  • 5 Apr '18

Don't bother tbh
Giru and her fangirls got their brains amputated

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  • 6 Apr '18

what frise is tryina say is that giru's just an efficient boy at killing
he understands what gets a fella best and capitalizes on it

i think the tolerances for aspects like aiming a parry/chamber/strike along timing can easily be tightened within reason; i dont believe it would do anything to the noobs provided the matchmaking for skill levels works out well enough to keep them playing their level (with the kind of variance in the matchmaking that would showcase how a better player is), they'll get better eventually; it would only raise the skill ceiling

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  • 6 Apr '18

@Monsteri said:
One thing I don't like is how subtle drags are devastating against chambers but completely useless against parries, and big drags are viable against parries but much more easily chambered.

The best drags you can do should be able to defeat both chambers and parries because you are trying to be unpredictable and hard to read. "Big drags" are only easily chambered if you telegraph the drag, and for that matter they can be more easily parried as well.

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What happened to these forums :(