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Alpha Build #14 Discussion Thread

Knight 697 1611
  • 1
  • 22 Mar '18

Smoke and fire pots add a lot to space control and tactical play, very fun. Implementation isn't perfect on either one, but they still do a lot to spice teamfights up. A bit silly at times in TDM since everyone keeps respawning with 2/2, but very appropriately distributed in Skirmishes.

Movement, weapons, and animations do feel at their best here. The blunt stop is finally implemented, and it feels good + makes the weapon feel more unique. I think a minor tweak in first-person animation would give blunt strikes even more of an umph.

Estoc is excellent.

Maul is excellent.

Stats and numbers being provided is very, very much appreciated.


  • Now, Mordhau is missing flashb- pocket sand/blinding powder! A short ranged, quickly-tossed projectile ("throws" as soon as you press the weapon slot, as opposed to you pressing 2 -> left clicking) that briefly flinches the enemy, but ONLY if he is facing towards the powder.

  • Billhook, perhaps have it be the only weapon to dismount horse riders and people on ladders? It's obviously intended to be more of a support/utility weapon with its unique ability to pull, which is awesome. However, I wonder if the range is enough to have it be of any use (after all, it only works on strikes). Would rather have it be slightly more expensive but long (just short of halberd) than it be cheap and impractical. Time will tell.

  • Checking alt, while showing alt stats, doesn't have you start in alt mode. This is inconvenient for something like Messer + Shield.

  • Show character's sum movement speed on customization.

Duchess 806 3550
  • 22 Mar '18

Might be too early to discuss this but it's really hard to not unintentionally KO your own horse whilst attacking

Knight 627 2068
  • 1
  • 22 Mar '18

Early impressions:

  • The new lighting and foliage make maps look far more alive and interesting. I especially like the vegetation clinging to the walls of Grad and the grass growing through the cobblestone cracks on Contraband.
  • Weapon information being displayed in the menu really brings out the depth and strategy of the game to the foreground. I am sure that at times the game gives off the impression of being mindless, so such details being displayed really helps make the game feel strategic. The manner in which the information is displayed is especially professional-looking, with the tooltips explaining each stat being an appreciated bonus. @das made a good suggestion above and I think more places in the menu or on loading screens with such elaborate information would leave a very positive impact on players' perception of the game. A diagram of the control scheme, stat breakdowns, and other such information goes a long way.
  • The new song is great, though I would love to have a way to listen to it for more than three seconds. I can already tell the soundtrack will be exquisite.
  • The estoc, maul, and billhook are great. I love you for making the maul a two-handed throwable.
Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 22 Mar '18

@Stouty said:
Might be too early to discuss this but it's really hard to not unintentionally KO your own horse whilst attacking

Self-horse damage is a thing ?

  • 22 Mar '18
This comment was deleted.
Baron 134 315
  • 3
  • 22 Mar '18
  • Good visual enhencement. When you move around some textures might feel too bright or too dark, not in adequacy with the surrounding light (especially the floor in Grad that can blind you even with sun behind you, or in tunnels everything can become too dark)
  • Eyes of old character builds are fucked up and we can't fix them. Not a big deal

  • Firepots are badly designed right now imo.
    Visually the fire ground looks bad to me, you can clearly see the 3*3 squares with one flame, it makes it strange looking. It looks oldish and lower the overall visual quality of the game. Also the sound of the pot breaking is meh, but i guess it's a placeholder.
    The hitbox is not clear. Sometimes you can run a bit into without taking damage, but i've seen people dying backpedaling 1millimeter inside.
    2 firepots for 3 points is scary if you try to figure what 64p battles will look like. Anyone can throw 6 firepots wearing a 7 point armor then grab a tier 1 weapon on the ground. Same with smoke. Having chaos is cool but it's just too much. Carrying fire or smoke should be more resctricting to prevent spamming and force you to use it wisely in a tactical sense. (like 1 for 4 points)

  • Smoke is nicely made and can provide epic group fights. The cloud is a bit too big and lasts too long. Archers will never see the light in the current state. Not sure how the smoke vs fire mecanic works, but i've seen active fire in smoke. idk if the extinguishing zone is supposed to be as big as the smoke cloud tho.

  • The hitstop mecanic on blunt hits feels good and really add something different to the mix. Also it prevents some teamhits which is always nice.

  • About combat in general i like the changes so far but need more playtime to give specific feedback
Duke 5558 13284
  • 22 Mar '18
 Jax — Community Manager

Still forming op8nions but overall this patch is fuckin LIT, you all are wizards of game development.

In no particular order or severity, some small things I've noticed so far

Eyes look a little weird
Skin seems a bit too shiny in direct light
Mallet makes firepot noises when you smack wood
Baxe does 100 damage to naked head and 102 to light head
HDR transition is better but still a little wonky on the spawn arch transitions on Tourney
Smoke pots are good but the view blocking extends past the visual boundaries of the smoke, overall they could be toned down. Otherwise good
Ammo counter IMO is in a weird spot, might look better closer to the corner or just repositioned somewhere else
Horses still get the bug where you can't look around on them properly + other vehicle desync especially on ladders and catapults

I'll post some actual feedback later tho, overall this patch is amazing

Knight 5410 7408
  • 1
  • 22 Mar '18
 Humble Staff

Very very fun, enjoying it a lot. Blunt weapons bouncing off feel awesome and diferentiates them very well from the other weapons.
As a sugestion, i think that a nice quality of life thing would be when you have more than one set of throwables of the same type (say, 10 throwing knives), that when you run out of amunition from one set, you can inmediatly start throwing the next set instead of being disarmed and having to draw the first knife of the remaining slot. Or you could simply have straight up 10 throwing knives being shown in the amunition counter, as if you were carrying an extra big "quiver" if you were carrying a bow.

Duke 57 71
  • 22 Mar '18

Used to have 70 - 80 FPS on all maps, now I have 45 -60 FPS depending on the map. Contraband is the worst.
But other than that, great update.

367 341
  • 22 Mar '18

So next update shields are removed?

IMO, Marko and the rest of responsible developers should be ashamed of themselfs. Nerf after nerf until no one use them anymore. So ignorant!

Duke 2266 4010
  • 23 Mar '18

Shields were a lil over nerfed imho. They should drastically reduce the raise/drop delay and give back sprint. Add more penalties for backpedal instead.

What makes shields not fun to fight against is when they are encouraged to turtle and be overly defensive. This is why I definitely agree with the angle nerf and new turncaps. However, shields are still encouraged to turtle due to the raise/drop delay and you still see them overrepresented in duels and almost nowhere to be found in team play. These two tiny buffs would prevent shields from being worse than just using a 1 hander while not being an absolute bitch to fight against. Nerf the defense buff the offense imho.

Mercenary 2193 3914
  • 23 Mar '18

Smoke effect is amazing tbh
I literally feel scared for my life inside that, kinda love losing my direction sense in there too.

But entering and leaving the smoke range needs work imho. I feel like my vision is fully blocked near instant I get close to smoke,while not physically inside it yet.
Fading in and out should be a thing instead of near instant tbh imho

Knight 685 1855
  • 23 Mar '18

@EruTheTeapot said:
Smoke effect is amazing tbh
I literally feel scared for my life inside that, kinda love losing my direction sense in there too.

But entering and leaving the smoke range needs work imho. I feel like my vision is fully blocked near instant I get close to smoke,while not physically inside it yet.
Fading in and out should be a thing instead of near instant tbh imho

I think that this is intended, people outside of the smoke should see you before you can see them.

Duke 986 1381
  • 24 Mar '18

Shields feel in a good spot to me takes skill to use them now but they r still fun to use an play against because it's possible to hit around them so as a shield user u have to be aware and as an attacker u have to be creative in ur attacks

Knight 152 100
  • 24 Mar '18

I strongly disagree, Shields are quite overpowered, with users on the same level of skill gives a HUGE advantage, in a 1v1 environment they are significantly unbeatable (Again with users of the same level). Like chiv they require a method that is like a heavy stun kick or a method at least a Melee player can actually do to win against them.

As for the skill to use them, They do their intended purpose to add a increased defensive capability, if you have a mouse to move its hardly a skilled item at this stage in the game.

301 875
  • 1
  • 24 Mar '18

Shields are pretty easy to get around now, and it's super easy to just freeze them out by never actually hitting them. They can't attack cause of shield drop delay and fast combo times. Not sure how to fix them, but hopefully more changes are on the way.

As for other stuff, still playing around with other changes, but I do not like the combo speed increase on already fast weapons. They all feel pretty spammy, and leads to a lot of easy double hits. Messer is cheesy cause of this, estoc as well, most one handers especially.

Also hit stop on one handed blunt is just flinch spam, annoying to fight and not skillful to do.
Need to play more to decide on other changes.

Knight 941 2569
  • 24 Mar '18

Some early impressions, even though I feel like whatever I didn't like before remained unchanged for the most part:

Overall "state" of the combat - while fighting "normal" people using "normal" weapons is where the game shines, there is still a lot of room for stuff that turns it into a cheese festival. The issues I have with the game are sometimes not even that common, but if 10 people now do something stupid but effective, later on everyone will be doing it.


Footwork buff emphasizes some things that were already not in a very good state:

Target switching should happen within a skirmish or one fighting group, not allow you to freely disengage to hit that guy in the other sector of the map. I thought this was going in the other direction, ie. nerf.

Too much side to side movement really brings out the feeling that fighting 1v1 in this game is the thing that happens on the edges of your screen. There are a few guys who never stop circling and fighting them felt and looked pretty silly even before the buff.

Another thing is a relic form Chiv - fall-for-a-feint-turn-around-and-run-away. Looks etremely stupid and is GUARANTEED to bring the "ballerina" complaints from noobs. Another similar one is a Zwei helicoptering. I'm fine with runaway in the occasion when opponent attacks just at the edge of his range, but doing a casual Benny Hill or "lol, nope" should not be a thing in this game. After your parry is raised there should be a restriction on how much you can immediately turn and run.

Hit stop

It's an interesting addition which nicely differentiates the weapons, but I'm little torn on it. Seems to increase spam because of the hit recovery and I'm guessing it means hit recovery is here to stay, because without it blunt attacks would be at too much disadvantage compared to weapons that can combo on hit? Which bring us to the topic:

Hit recovery

Never liked it, still don't. Leads to too much animation hiding and Make Your Attacks An Indistinguishable Stew Of Maybe-Combos, Maybe-Not-Combos gameplay. Sometimes when I get into a whirlwind of absolute 1H flinch/feint/combo/not combo/morph/not morph/morph feint spam, I don't even feel like trying to parry after a moment. Better just die and look for a normal fight. In related news:


Yeah, even with nerfed blocks, shields still hide a lot of the animation and they happen to go with one-handers, where part of animation being invisible means you are trying to read 0.1-0.2 second attacks, lol. Fast weapons are too fast.

Knight 162 231
  • 3
  • 26 Mar '18

I have had an absolute blast so far playing Build #14. The combat feels far more responsive, nimble & tactile. In turn, team fights become more manageable, & play out more organically. Gameplay is way more fun, & action-packed.

Overheads finally feel satisflying.

Fantastic to see weapon/armor stats in-game. This is a featue I hoped would make it into the game.

50% team-damage is a welcome addition.

Haven't used the Estoc or Maul much yet. The Maul skins look ace though. Only concern with the Estoc is the thin blade being hard to see.

Nice to see the addition of fire/smoke pots.

367 341
  • 26 Mar '18

What's with the new annoying animation upon death? It's like the developer who came up with that wanted us to get epilepsy.

200 37
  • 26 Mar '18

The game feels like shit to play. Very sluggish and slow paced gameplay.
Not sure what is wrong iwth feint either, maybe nothing. But the little i have played since the game is just boring as fuck to play, feint seems wrong, you are supposed to only be able to feint when you charge an attack or a strong attack.

But feint aside, the overall gameplay feels bad.