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New Graphics Card, game is crashing.

Emperor 400 927
  • 4 Mar '18

I don't know what section this belongs in, anyway

I ran Mordhau with a GTX 770, and recently upgraded to a GTX 1080 ti

The graphics and smoothness of the game run perfect on max, and the highest resolution. But it crashes after a while, randomly and I can't figure out what to do

I've uninstalled and reinstalled fresh drivers, checked my PCs temperatures and everything is kosher. Tried lowering the resolution and graphics but still encounter the same issue.

Once the game crashes "Your display driver has stopped working" appears in the task bar.

Knight 627 2068
  • 4 Mar '18

Did you try to overclock it? This can happen if your GPU's core clock and / or memory clock is running at a higher rate than it can handle. Does this occur with other games or just Mordhau? You may want to download a free piece of software called MSI Afterburner and lower the speed of your core and memory clocks to prevent them from crashing your display driver.

396 454
  • 4 Mar '18

Could be a bad driver. Wait for Nvidia to release stable drivers maybe or look through driver history and try to find a stable one.

Baron 583 973
  • 1
  • 5 Mar '18

Lux has the right question, do this happen in other games/randomly as well, or just mordhau?

1 0
  • 4 May '19

I tried all you did. Didnt work.

Then i tried Nvidia old drivers. Atm im running driver version something around "380" (cant remember the exact number) and it says "its not working properly" or something... please update them to latest stable 378.92. Its not crashing for me at the moment. And I can play the game now. I had updated my drivers to 378.92 and im still having some graphic issues, but i can play the game. That is BIG! Waiting for good drivers from Nvidia.