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Active Parry (and ghost attacks)

Knight 41 35
  • 26 Jan '18
 Fürst von Butz

I recorded some cases where I thought active parry should work out for me but it didn't.
The last 3 clips are ghost attacks that happened to me in Alpha 13.

Knight 33 17
  • 26 Jan '18

I don't know enough about active parry to comment on the first part, but I've definitely had incidents like the last three clips, with anywhere from 60-100 ping.

Knight 41 35
  • 27 Jan '18
 Fürst von Butz

From Monsteri in Discord:

[10:53 PM] Monsteri: 1, looks like he stabbed around your AP, 2, you attacked too late -- no riposte, 3, you already entered release, 4, the same thing, 5 as well
[10:53 PM] Monsteri: active parry window and size is communicated very poorly
[10:53 PM] Monsteri: 6, too late on input no riposte
[10:53 PM] Monsteri: 7 legit bug
[10:53 PM] Monsteri: 8 as well
[10:54 PM] Monsteri: 9
[10:54 PM] Monsteri: overheads go through like that for me as well

Knight 669 995

Glad to see Monsteri helping out.
Those overhead glitches are really nasty.

Knight 528 3386
  • 27 Jan '18

clip one didnt work because you went into release and its only windup

clip two didnt work because it wasnt a riposte

clip three didnt work because you went into release but it was really close so it looked funny in normal motion

four didnt work either because it was a huge side stab or because you just ended the part of windup that has active parry because for riposte its the whole windup and for chambers its just some of it I THINK

five you went into release so no AP credit

six wasnt a riposte (I know its hard to tell, especially at first, and beyond like 300 hours knowing when you riposte is still dubious, but when the animation looks especially wavy, it a riposte, like when your arms do a flamboyant little twist to the angle, instead of parry going down and windup happening)

clip 7 was pretty funny, server tracers were probably desynced

same with clip 8, if the server tracers were not slightly split from the actual animation, then it just happened early so when you missed there wasnt enough time to pullback but you cant see the server tracers without being logged in as admin so you cant know that. if thats not what happened for clip 8 and 7 then I dunno

clip 9 was hilarious im glad you saved the best for last, no clue what happened there, looks like some weird mix of all that other stuff, or packet loss, the guy you run through looks like he teleport, looked like lag from some other videogame.

Knight 669 995
Knight 86 133
  • 27 Jan '18

I also have ghosts issues but I always wondered it was due to the server I was one.

When I’ve got a bad ping not only I’m not able to chamber properly but sometimes (especially on slashes) chamber seems to occurs maybe 3cm away on my screen (I see the sparks far away from opponent’s weapon)

Duke 356 384
  • 27 Jan '18

Some of those are Chambers not parries and their version of the active parry works differently I'm pretty sure, but don't know exactly how. Probably smaller hitboxes.

Don't know why a few of the actual active parries didn't work.

Some good in game feedback, or at worst good testing and presentation of game mechanics is really needed.

Those ghost attacks are fuuuucked. But I have no experience with them and I'd like to think I'd notice if I didn't get my first hit flinch in.

Knight 41 35
  • 27 Jan '18
 Fürst von Butz

I just noticed that someone joined in the last clip, so that may explain that one.

396 454
  • 29 Jan '18

@rob_owner said:
four didnt work either because it was a huge side stab ...

What about assparries then ?