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How to fix the long startup time

Knight 160 996
  • 11 Jan '18

If you want to get ride out of the long loading black screen at the start of the game, just go to :
Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Content\Movies and delete (or save it somewhere just in case) the file "UE4_Logo.mp4"

Note : If you try to delete the "LogoSplash.mp4" as well, your main menu will glitch.

Enjoy !

Mercenary 1897 7067
  • 11 Jan '18

Thought this was gonna be something like "get a better pc lmoa"

Knight 65 192
  • 11 Jan '18

Confirmed fix. Thank you.

Knight 706 1084
  • 11 Jan '18

doesn't work, still takes over 1 minute to load ;(
thx for the try tho