Tell your darkest secret

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  • 8 Feb

I like to pee in the sink

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Back in school I once had to fart really bad in class. It was one of those rare farts even yourself is disgusted about. I had eaten lots if eggs and spinach the evening before that. You could literally feel the moisture around.

It was so bad that I didn't dare standing up and holding it in hurt. So I had to let it go. Fortunately for me the teacher had the classes full attention for once so I managed to do this silently and it took me about 20 seconds to rip this thing out entirely.

Few seconds later someone asked what smelled so disgusting and whether something had died and accusations started to go around in class. Took part in it to not look suspicious.

Long story short: The conclusion was that the girl sitting behind me was responsible. She became known as the fart girl which you can imagine is terrible enough.

My secret: I am the fart boy.

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  • 22 Feb

i don't actually want your strongest potions

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  • 22 Feb

I post in bait threads

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  • 25 Feb

i hate black people

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  • 25 Feb
 The Bird

The Bird doesn't eat at Red Lobster.



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I think speaking in the third person is a bit silly



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I canceled our day of golf as well as our weekly billiards tournament when I read what Bird wrote.