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Mordhau's biggest weakness currently

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  • 19 Dec '17


First of all just want to clarify i'm not shitting on Mordhau, i really love the game. However, contrary to what most of the discussions are about (animations, balance, content, maps, archers, whatever) - which can all be improved, agreed - i just find the most underwhelming thing in Mord for me right now is without a doubt the audio. What i'd currently say is really good audio-wise;

  • Chamber sliding sound
  • Clash sound
  • battle ax smack
  • smack wall with zwei
  • Menu music

I'd like to generate some discussion for people's ideas and gonna put some of my own opinions/suggestions down;

Currently i feel all the attacking grunts are shit, honestly.
They sound extremely underwhelming and ontop of that they do not give important information that was given with Chivalry audio cues. For example, knowing the difference between a Vanguard swinging behind you and a Knight was a big deal especially when footworking in 1vX scenarios. Mordhau does not have this important info within the audio and they just sound abit shit anyway

As a result, i think someone using a Zweihander and someone using a Bastard sword to be producing different grunts would be extremely helpful and also give the effect that you're playing completely different loadout (not that it's a problem to begin with)

I would also suggest that several different "voice characters" to be chosen from in the Customization menu should not be added (as is done in alot of RPGs) because for info reasons and the fact that it'd be easier to enforce the quality of red team/blue team voice acting single items. Rather than a swath of different "characters".

  • Death sounds should be MUCH more brutal and gritty, because it would add to both the medieval appeal and also the "unintentional" comedy effect of the game. Gears of War is a good example

  • (obvious) add voice lines

  • Combos grunts getting more intense the longer then go on for

  • Please add something like the "Bastard!" voice line from Slasher

  • Alot of sword smacks need to sound alot less "wet", currently i think alot of them are really dumb sounding and not very satisfying. For example, Bastard Sword sounds like shit

  • Low stamina breathing

  • A consistent, specific sound (the current one for the weapon sliding pls) for every chamber that occurs

  • Sheating and unsheathing weapon - i know alot of people may be like "muh realism" but if you can manage both the realism and make a nice sheathe sound effect it will be very good. CS:GO is a perfect example of EXTREMELY satisfying weapon switching sounds

To conclude i think that investing in upgrading the audio will really add to the feel of the game, the "depth" - in terms of the Mordhau "world" - and immersion. It should be fine to upgrade the sounds after release if neccesary, i know CS:GO have changed their audio wayyy after release so it probably wont be a big deal. But it definitely needs doing

Think this would be a good thread for everyone to just plop their ideas down and hopefully the devs can grab what they want from it

Sellsword 615 1381
  • 19 Dec '17

I think some of the death sounds are alright, they just seem really quiet sometimes. I know sound had problems with equalization early on so maybe it's similar to that.

Hit sounds are definitely pretty weak. Slashing onehanders sound like paper bags, pffwht pffwht pffhwt oh that's actually 80 damage. Blunt onehanders could use a little more thwack. Stabs should sound like they rattle through the armor a little more. Sometimes they sound empty or identical to slashes.

I think we could use sounds for throwables. Might be corny but I think small weapons should make really fast pwfpwfpwfpwf sounds when they fly through the air, while maces and hammers do a whoosh whoosh whoosh. Near miss sounds would be great too

Ambient sounds on maps would be great too but that's more of a level design thing I guess. I'm talking about birds, wind sounds, whooshy tree noises, rain sounds, just little things you can hear while you're not actively fighting.

I will continue my ancient meme suggestion for whistling arrows as a high end archery customization unlock

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  • 19 Dec '17

I figured adding new sounds and upgrading placeholders was already on their road map.

When I first started in alpha, coming from Chiv, I was struck by just how quiet the game is. It's almost compulsory to play some music if I'm streaming, whereas I think I could stream Chiv and get away without it

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  • 19 Dec '17

@Zexis said:
I figured adding new sounds and upgrading placeholders was already on their road map.

When I first started in alpha, coming from Chiv, I was struck by just how quiet the game is. It's almost compulsory to play some music if I'm streaming, whereas I think I could stream Chiv and get away without it


Focus and fix critical game killing issues first.

Mercenary 1897 7067
  • 19 Dec '17

Glad I'm not the only one dissatisfied with some of the sounds. I think the thrust attack sounds on the swords are really lame. It sounds like you're stabbing into a wet slab of meat, not piercing the armor of a warrior (Chivalry did this perfectly imo). Overall I'd like a more crunchy sound on every hit.

Knight 685 1855
  • 19 Dec '17

Glad i'm not the only one here complaining about the grunt. I thought i saw something about the grunt being broken a while back on the forums but i couldn't find it back. My main complain about the combat system right now is the grunt.

I'm definitely not the only one who trained on chivalry with my clan trying to block with my eyes closed to train my feint reading, relying solely on that grunt. And while it worked perfectly fine in chivalry, i feel like it's completely unreliable in Mordhau as i tend to get hit by an accelerated attack while the grunt sound is barely starting to play, living no room for reaction. I wish this sound effect will be fixed soon enough to serve his purpose and not be purely cosmetic.

I will try to get some footage today to show what i mean.

I also definitely agree with you on the chamber, although it doesn't seem to be an opinion shared by many seeing the success of my post about it. In short, the chamber grind sounds great, but it doesn't happen all the time. When it doesn't it's hard to tell if it was a chamber or a parry from the audio.

About the voice effects, i think it's planned and coming, it's not there simply because they probably have more stuff to work on.