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Can't start my game

Knight 6 2
  • 3 Dec '17

I have the Alpha and all that. When I first got the game, it didn't work. I didn't assume much since my system is old and it takes it a little while to start things up. So I let it sit, and life went on, school and stuff, and I bloody forgot about the game. So it's been awhile, and I decide to boot my system up. But when I run Mordhau, it just opens up a blank black window. Any idea how to fix this? I'm not too knowlegable and would like to play during the upcoming Christmas Break

Knight 105 275
  • 3 Dec '17
 Ser Arthur Dayne

This is normal for everyone, just wait for like 2-3 mins and it will launch. It always does this when first launching after a certain amount of time.

1627 2898
  • 3 Dec '17

That's the black screen problem that everyone is experiencing, when your first startup of the game is really slow and may stay in the black screen for minutes (depends on the pc, mostly the delay is no more than 30 seconds). I would suggest you wait until the UE4 logo appears, it may take from 30-60 seconds to several minutes but after that the game will startup almost instantly

Knight 162 231
  • 4
  • 3 Dec '17

Roughly what type of system, & operating system are we working with here? Do you have a dedicated GPU? What CPU? How much RAM? Is your system 32-bit, or 64-bit?

Assuming you are running the latest version of the Windows operating system. Here is a guide on how to view system specs:

Some things to try: