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Harder chamber but more rewarded

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  • 12 Dec '17

@das said:
Name 5 "current best players" in Mordhau, @TheShade. I'm curious what your perspective looks like.

Well, Idk how the NA scene looks like, but majority of the tier 1 players don't feel like relying on chambers that much (exception for a very few). I don't think the consistency of forcing clashes is a thing neither in EU.

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  • 12 Dec '17

I'm NA, and I've dueled a bit on EU and there is a large playstyle difference. EU, with a few exceptions that I've seen (King and other BL guys, few others) play without chambering, or much footwork besides backpedaling. Most of the better NA players chamber a lot, or at least attempt them. Footwork to turncap people/dodge attacks also appears to be becoming more prevalent.

It's possible that I haven't seen the better players, but I'm usually able to do well with 140 ping on EU servers.

Knight 1061 2850
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  • 12 Dec '17

The better players I've seen in EU and NA don't overly rely on chambers because it makes them predictable and susceptible to drags (which one can compensate for with mechanical skill, but still makes you predictable in what attack you're going to use). The more free form nature of the attacks from parries and ripostes combined with well used chambers allows someone to play better with some actual sense of unpredictability in their play style.

This is called neutral game - where a player doesn't overly rely on one mechanic to try and beat the others. I've lost count of the number of times I went to NA with awful ping and just riposted in the opposite direction they were hoping to chamber and ended up landing a hit. That's not to say that mechanical skill with chambering is not useful, but it's just another tool in the box. Oddly enough I've had NA players complain about my "lagger EU footwork scumming."

Knight 941 2569
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  • 12 Dec '17

Chamber idea number 467:

Increase chamber window significantly
Make chambers cost more stamina than parry

Advantages to parrying:

  • A little easier
  • Costs less stamina

Advantages to chambering:

  • Punishes feints (supposedly)
  • Allows you to feint or morph

I think the idea of chambers as this next level mechanic that is much better than parry when pulled off successfully should be put to bed as this premise seems to always lead to a situation where chamber is either too good or too risky.

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  • 12 Dec '17

Chambers will be powerful as long as feints are powerful. You don't necessarily need huge rewards for them, automatically reading and punishing the feint is a big reward to begin with. It's just that feints are pretty easy to read atm, and will get easier once extra bubble is added and 1h animations dealt with. Another thing is that chambering, in fact, doesn't punish feints if you're using a slower weapon. Heck, you need to account for drags, so you often don't get the punish even with equal weapons - if you're going into it trying to chamber rather than to punish.

Also, I really don't like the angle leniency at the moment. It feels completely jarring when you do an overhead drag and they're looking up, then suddenly your swing disappears before your eyes as they do a weird little motion with their arms almost off-screen. It's one of the most frustrating, artificial things I've seen. With the new parry angles it's in fact much easier to chamber vertical swing manipulation than to parry it. It's gone backwards.

There is definitely some thinking to be done to find a long-term balance for chambers. As it stands they're balancing on a razor blade, easily becoming either too niche in purpose or an all-present requirement.

Knight 222 187
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  • 13 Dec '17

Chamber is not here only for counter feint, but to get a better riposte, and fastkill.
And still if feint will be buff, feint will always be readable
And yes slower weapons punish feint. Ofc if you have a really slow weap like B Axe and you fighting a 1h Axe, ofc it will not punish it.

And chamber is just the skilled way to parry. So yeah it should be rewarded, atm people that know how to chamber are not rewarded cause the chamber riposte is too easy to chambering back : How to fix it so.

Made Chamber feint Fixe lockout of 25MS, so the guys that chamber feint still have initiative over his opponent, so we have 7 side "riposte" opportunity and 3 different timing.

Normal chamb riposte : Fastest but same attack
Morph Chamb Riposte : Medium speed cause Morph elongate Windup Animation but more side possibility
Chamb feint into attack with 7 sides : Slowest way to riposte but it will allow everyside riposte after a chamber

It will force the guy that get chambered to read, and chose the good side to chamber back instead of spaming the same attack ,like a blinding Ol man