Vocals in Mordhau

Knight 8 4
  • 14 Oct '17

As we know, in Chivalry when hit the X or Z key, then numbers 1-9 your character could make vocal statements. Is this going to be in the full release or has system been replaced by the emote system?

Seriously, this game needs vocals. This was one of the best things in Chiv and would be a step backwards if not implemented. Emotes are shite compared to 'help' 'yeeeeeeaaaahhhh' and "it's a fine peasant rebellion you have here"

Duke 986 1381
  • 15 Oct '17

Use the search function

Knight 2306 4188
  • 15 Oct '17

yeah, use the fucking search function you absolute [unpleasant words]

Count 1452 3388
  • 15 Oct '17

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