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Thoughts On The Current State of Mordhau From The EU Comp Scenes Perspective

Knight 147 159
  • 9 Oct '17

@Huggles said:

@EliteTeamKiller said:
EDIT- also, why nerf shields so that it is more fun for you? (jump attacks). This isn't Chivalry. Jump attacks shouldn't even be a main stay. When have you ever seen a jump attack in a real fight? It's very rare, and you certainly don't see much of it in HEMA.





Also, turtling should never be a viable tactic in a fast paced and aggressive multiplayer slasher. Fuck shields, nerf parrybox. Give a tower shield for the noobs where they can turtle but are basically useless offensively.

Here is your aggressive multiplayer slasher.


Turtling is an annoying but totally viable strategy in mordhau. It's the non-aggressive playstyle.
And I'm sure I'll see you and everyone else who thinks turtling is bad wearing the biggest "noob" shield you can find on your back as soon as all the archers start shooting you in the back of the head.

Knight 240 388
  • 9 Oct '17

Only things that I think need changing are kick speed / kick mid combo, nerf eveningstar stab (currently does like 40 dmg) and make punishing feints more consistent. Other than that 10/10 qualiT game

Knight 240 388
  • 9 Oct '17

Oh and wooden stick makes metallic noise when hit against wood

Sellsword 254 310
  • 10 Oct '17

comp scene


Knight 46 37

shield should ALWAYS lose a stamina war to a 2hander, (unless it's like a dagger or smth) because otherwise they will be way too strong and with such a low skill requirement. Shield user can offset weakness by chambering, so it balances itself out. otherwise shield is probably gonna be broken in 1v1

shield users still have a huge damage output, that 1h mace does retarded damage to full plate for what it is

THIS... I agree with most if not ALL of what you said but this takes the cake. Well put giru