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Mordhau Server Setup Video Walkthrough (Windows Edition)

Knight 44 93
  • 2
  • 26 Sep '17

This Video Should Get You A Server Running In a Little Over 10 Mins

I put together a video for those looking to learn more about windows server creation for Mordhau.
I also just released some server tools for anyone looking to make life easier in your new found admin roles.

I didn't figure it out by myself!

Big thanks to Alphonse for his guide helping me to figure it all out.

I hope this helps,
Cheers everyone!

Knight 399 873
  • 27 Sep '17

Wow, really well done guide, thanks for the credit, my friend.

Any non power user will find the detailed step by step of the basic network setup really useful.

Knight 123 262
  • 27 Sep '17

MFW Windows Server

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