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Key binding attacks

Knight 105 275
  • 25 Sep '17
 Ser Arthur Dayne

Look I know people are gonna immediately call how there should be bindings to the game, so let me make this clear, this is only for the directional based attack binds. One of the most annoying things I have come across is that certain people would bind their keys to do different types of attacks, now that may sound not all that bad but Ill tell you it really is bad. The defender always will have to look at the direction of the attack which is realistic because he actually aims for it, but the attacker using key binds on say a lower attack doesn't even have to aim it he just has to spam it which makes this case one sided. So to balance this I recommend removing the directional attacks on buttons and force people to actually aim with their mouse. Again I'm not hating on the game at all, I love this game and its potential.

67 158
  • 25 Sep '17

Are you saying that people who use binds have an advantage over people who use directional? That makes no sense at all.The attacks are all the same.

2428 4937
  • 25 Sep '17

thanks for your input

Knight 1269 3811
  • 25 Sep '17

The flick needed to input a directional attack is so minimal that it is literally irrelevant to your opponent. If you're telegraphing your attacks more than players with keybinds, you're doing it wrong.