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Attacks are too slow?

42 54
  • 24 Sep '17

The animations and attacks are way too slow it feel like if they would increase up their speed by at least 50% the gameplay will feel much better and smoother. atm it feel like we are playing in slow motion

Duchess 6897 9885
  • 24 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

Well you should still be able to drag

Knight 936 952
  • 24 Sep '17

Proper footwork is almost impossible right now, with faster weapons it would be even worse

Baron 50 64
  • 24 Sep '17

Slow attacks????
You can accelerate atacks to almost insta hit, especially after a riposte.
Even weapons like the zweihander and the eveningstar you can make them hit pretty fast

Count 671 1131
  • 24 Sep '17

Try to experiment more with ripostes, chambers, and clashes as well as dragging and using lighter weapons. The combat likely feels slow because you aren't familiar enough with it - taking turns with no ripostes and heavy slashes will feel slow, yes.

Emperor 400 927
  • 24 Sep '17

50%? ummm....


Have you been playing much?

I think it FEELS slow, but the actual weapon in release can land hits faster than you ever could in chiv

Once you parry and riposte a few attacks in sequence it is very fast paced.

Baron 583 973
  • 25 Sep '17

It's the movement speed, the game felt slow when i first started it. But it's not the strikes.

You just need to get used to it.

Mercenary 1897 7067
  • 25 Sep '17

LMAO join any duel server with decent players in it. Play for an hour and tell us again how the game should be 50% faster.