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Stamina drain on Corpse hit

Knight 331 456
  • 22 Sep '17

Get it outtttttta here

Duchess 6897 9885
Knight 697 1611
  • 22 Sep '17

Client side ragdolls + low-end users having to disable corpses = mordhau pay2win confirmed if no stam drain on corpses

Knight 685 1855
  • 22 Sep '17

@TwistedFox said:
Get it outtttttta here

Agreed, it was a simple "good to know" trick in chiv which just add to the 'learn something new everyday' aspect of a game like chivalry or mordhau.
I've been playing chivalry on a crappy laptop for the first few years, never felt that not having corpses to hit to save stam was such a big deal.

Just like the emotes blocking the stam regain, you can do without it but that would be cool if it were in the game.