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Alpha Build #5 Discussion Thread

Duke 5559 13285
  • 22 Sep '17
 Jax — Community Manager

You're using it badly
It has 3htk on plate head stabs
20 htk on plate leg cuts

Baron 2358 3392
  • 22 Sep '17

"crush you are a butt fuck retard bring back attacking from emotes stupid idiot fuck head dumb face moron" ~ A message from Sammy.

Duchess 6897 9885
  • 22 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

Other message from Sammy:


301 875
  • 22 Sep '17

I went 30/4 or something as unarmored rapier earlier today. Not saying that means it's op, but it is fun stabbing everyone repeatedly. I think smoother/better animations across the board will make it easier to deal with. Damage wise it feels alright, everything besides the stabs are weak against armor.

Knight 399 873
  • 22 Sep '17

[Mechanics criticism:] Thing with rapier is that it's kinda hard to do a 5+ chamber exchange even with stabs. Any tiny change in angle or mistiming when the other guy parries and you're guaranteed to land the hit. The difference is usually so imperceptible and sudden that you only know you failed to chamber after you get hit, making readjustments kinda hard. More so if we add ping spikes or whatever performance issue to the equation.

[Balance criticism:] It can also lock you in a semi permanent flinch state if the guy just sprints forward and combo stab after stab, even if you backpedal, parry or try to chamber. Much less kick or morph into a fucking kick to stop him from facehugging. The arming sword and other 1 handed weapons also suffer from this.

Knight 1269 3811
  • 22 Sep '17

The rapier's stab release is way longer than other weapons'. Personally I think all weapons should have longer stab releases, but it's weird that only the rapier has such a long one.

Duke 986 1381
  • 22 Sep '17

Rapier is good but not op in the slightest

Duke 5559 13285
  • 22 Sep '17
 Jax — Community Manager

I find it hard to react to if the other person knows what they're doing

Knight 697 1611
  • 23 Sep '17

Chambering against rapier after being hit feels hard than most because, since it's such a rapid-repeating weapon, you may be pressing stab too early while still being in a flinched state even as you see him thrusting another stab. With 2hers, when you are flinched, by the time the enemy starts his combo, you are past the window where you are allowed to start an attack, meaning you can queue an attack for chamber early. Not so against rapier, among other fast combo time weapons.

105 685
  • 25 Sep '17
 Spook — UI

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