Server browser sorting

Baron 578 965
  • 18 Sep '17

Hello my good devs,

Please, make those clickable:


Allowing players to sort the servers by what they click.

Not that much of a trouble, at least imo (not ue4 dev) but would be quite nice.

Duke 341 973
  • 19 Sep '17
 Ruby Rhoderick

Also, please allow us to save our server filter options. I want the 'Has Players' to remain selected even after joining servers or exiting the game. Thanks.

3 6
  • 30 Apr

I dont get it how can they rls it in such an unpolished manner.
Server browser and party function simply fail...

The server browser is slow because the ping function must be implemented with lazy loading...
Come on. This will destroy experience of many new possible players.

Knight 34 30
  • 30 Apr

Yeah, even chiv got this. I'm really disappointed but the lackluster UI