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range of kicks.recovery kicks

Knight 30 22
  • 18 Sep '17

hi guys im sorry if there is a topc of this already but i feel like kicking should have more range, bc its so slow atm if u facehug someone and kick it takes 2 secs before it happens and the guy is out of range and youre left open bc the recovery is really long. a bit more range and faster recovery will do so much good

Mercenary 1897 7067
  • 18 Sep '17

Range and speed is fine tbh as long as you don't try to run up to people and kick them. Only use it as a defensive tool and a mixup imho

Duchess 6897 9885
  • 18 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

You can also cftp

414 418
  • 18 Sep '17

It's supposed to counter facehuggers so it should only really work when your opponent is actively moving towards you (and very close) imo

Baron 1226 1617
  • 18 Sep '17

From the other kick thread

@Carlo_Mano said:
The best way to land a kick is to do it as a riposte right after you parry someone getting too close.

And then you win, because you can combo kick-thrust-kick-thrust and there's nothing the opponent can do. (just make sure to move forward when you thrust)

It's an easy technique, its a guaranteed kill and if the feinter you kill cries... tell him to git gud

Knight 152 100
  • 20 Sep '17

Kicks are beautiful. Gone are the days of Kick stab kick stab rinse and repeat Chiv, Kicks are intended for facehuggers and can be/should be a punishment if abused and you miss.

Vote 1 never change kick, Cept on shields, add another 0.100ms stun for shield users