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Locked Cursor in Windows When Exitting Game

Knight 174 263
  • 18 Sep '17

If you alt-tab during a loading screen, Mordhau completely freezes, and locks your mouse cursor so that you cannot click anything in Windows 10. Twice now (in version #1 and #3), I have had to log out through the option I get with ctrl-alt-delete, as even bringing up the task manager to close the process is worthless if I can't click the button to end the executable.

A game should never take control of your system like this, and I hope that this can be sorted out ASAP.

Duchess 6897 9885
  • 18 Sep '17
 Sir Zombie

Borderless could be a temporary fix

Knight 32 25
  • 18 Sep '17

I can confirm that, happend to me aswell. But appart from that the game seems to run really smooth so far.

Baron 583 973
  • 18 Sep '17

Hey, if this happens to you in windows 10, don't logout.

Press WIN BUTTON + TAB, click "new desktop" and start a task manager there ;)