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Phantom Attacks

9 3
  • 20 Sep '17

I'm limited to only playing offline against bots currently, Seen this happen 3 times in about 80 hours. so i don't think it has anything to do with ping.

Knight 399 873
  • 20 Sep '17

I've seen it happen a lot more often (South America servers when)

These ones which happened today (I included the 3rd clip because the "CLANG" caught me but I don't know sort of swing he pulled or how our strikes collided).

Here's my footage from another thread (check clips 2 and 6) in particular

1627 2898
  • 20 Sep '17

Finally the problem gets the attention it deserves

Baron 1226 1617
  • 20 Sep '17

Would help alot to have the footage from both players, but won't be easy to obtain...

Baron 89 122
  • 21 Sep '17

@marox said:
Keep em coming. There's something weird going on with those attacks for sure, especially the overheads that go clean through without there being much mouse movement even involved (which is the usual culprit if this is related to networking).

Here are some of my "phantom attacks" and yep you guessed it, every single one is an over head! My ping in every video is at 60.

So the first one is hard to tell if is actually a miss or not, but I figure you guys will want to see it anyways.

Duke 2266 4010
  • 21 Sep '17

@Carlo_Mano said:
seems like they are misses, stabs must be precise and once you arm is extended, you can't do dmg by reorienting the stab unlike in chiv.

I think not having a mouse sensitivity set on 999999 would help

This isn't true, I do this literally all the time. Those were "phantom" attacks.

Mercenary 112 315
  • 22 Sep '17

Some more footage:

Baron 22 57