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Questions about parrying, riposts, stamina.

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  • 14 Sep '17

Still trying to figure out the combat system a bit (not a lot of play time) and had some questions from playing last night.

First is parrying. I thought it was direction dependent but it seems like you always parry no matter which direction the parry is set if the timing is right. Is the deal basically you can only repost if you have parried correctly? Is there a different block sound or any indicator if you can repost, or can you just repost any attack you parry?

I noticed that to repost when it works you have to click attack while the parry animation is up, not hit it after the impact or you don't get that quick strike.

On to stamina, trying to figure out how the attrition game works. You lose stamina when you parry, and lose it when you swing and hit the air, but not if you hit someone (even if blocked). So the idea here is that you need to not swing into the air and you can only parry so many times before you must chamber or dodge out of the way with a duck or movement (is that what people mean by matrixing?).

Obviously I'm nowhere near messing up before stamina is an issue but when it gets to that point, is it going to mostly be a rule that the first attacker is going to win the attrition war unless someone adds in a chamber or dodge?

Knight 697 1611
  • 14 Sep '17

If both parties or relying solely on parrying, sure, it's a stamina addition game like Chivalry. But your mentality shouldn't be "parry until I am forced to chamber."

Most people spam click or scroll wheel for riposte, haha.

You can always riposte off a parry. I don't remember if you can feint ripostes in Mordhau or Slasher.